IRTS Contests

Why Contest?

Many national and local radio societies and clubs organise contests, most of which are open to all radio amateurs.

Radio amateurs participate in contests for many reasons, such as to;

  • compete against each other
  • test and improve their operating skills
  • try out new antennas or other equipment
  • learn more about propagation
  • have fun!
contesting pic

Calendar for 2021

Contest Date Start Duration Mode(s) Rules Deadline for logs
80m Daytime Counties Fri 1st January 17:00 UTC 1 hour SSB CW Link 15th January
80m Evening Counties Tue 23rd March 20:00 UTC 1 hour SSB CW Link 6th April
2m Fixed ‘Home QTH’ Mon 5th April 3.00 pm local 1 hour FM SSB Link 19th April
40m Daytime Counties Sun 9th May 12:00 UTC 1 hour SSB CW Link 23rd May
CW Field Day Sat/Sun 5th/6th June 15:00 UTC 24 hours CW Link 20th June
VHF/UHF Field Day Sat/Sun 3rd/4th July 14:00 UTC 24 hours CW SSB FM Link 18th July
SSB Field Day Sat/Sun 4th/5th September 13:00 UTC 24 hours SSB Link 19th September
70cm Counties Sun 19th September 2.00 pm local 30 mins FM SSB Link 3rd October
2m Counties Sun 19th September 2.30 pm local 90 mins FM SSB Link 3rd October
80m Evening Counties Tue 5th October 19:00 UTC 1 hour SSB CW Link 19th October
40m Daytime Counties Sun 17th October 12:00 UTC 1 hour SSB CW Link 31st October