IRTS 80m Counties Contest Rules

The IRTS General Contest Rules will apply, except as noted below.


Dates and Time

(see Contest Calendar)



2.1 Stations in EI/GI:
     A.  SSB Only – High Power
     B.  SSB Only – Low Power
     C.  SSB/CW – High Power
     D.  SSB/CW – Low Power
     E.  SWL   (see Section 7 / General Rules)
2.2 DX Stations (outside EI/GI):
     F.  SSB Only
     G.  SSB/CW
2.3 Power Limits:
  In the High Power sections (or where no power limit is specified) the power limit is the maximum permitted by the entrant’s licence or 400W, whichever is the lower
  In the Low Power sections the power limit is 100W
2.4 Entrants must operate from a single location for the duration of the contest.
2.5 In the SSB/CW sections, a station may be worked on both modes provided it remains in the same county/DXCC entity.



3.1 Signal report, serial number (starting 001 for the first contact) and county e.g. 59 001 WIC.
(See the County Codes / General Rules)
DX Stations send signal report & serial number only



4.1 The IARU Region 1 Band Plan should be observed, and in addition:
  •  CW contacts should be made only in the recognised CW end of the band
  •  Use contest-preferred segments of the band, where applicable
  •  As these are local contests, no operation should take place where the Band Plan indicates priority for intercontinental operation
4.2 80m:  CW 3510 – 3560;   SSB 3600 – 3650  &  3700 – 3775
CW centre of activity: 3522
4.3 Only one signal may be transmitted at a time.



(Note: The scoring rules mean that an EI or GI station must be at one or both ends of a QSO)

5.1 Stations in EI/GI: SSB QSOs CW QSOs
  •  Any County in EI/GI 4 points 8 points
  •  Contacts outside EI/GI 1 point 2 points
  The final score is the total QSO points multiplied by the number of EI/GI counties plus DXCC entities outside EI/GI worked
5.2 DX Stations (outside EI/GI): SSB QSOs CW QSOs
  •  Each contact with EI/GI 4 points 8 points
  The final score is the total QSO points multiplied by the number of EI/GI counties worked
5.3 In the SSB/CW sections, for multiplier purposes counties and DXCC entities only count once



(See Rule 6.2 / General Rules regarding the minimum number of QSOs for award eligibility)

6.1 An award will be made to the leading station in each section.
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Updated: 02 Mar 2024