Sub-Committees and Working Groups

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Below we show the Terms of Reference of the Society’s active sub-committees / working groups and their membership.  Anyone wishing to contribute to the work of these groups, or make suggestions relating to their activities, should contact the relevant group Chair (click on the provided link).

To adjudicate on the Society’s awards
Jim Holohan EI4HH (chair)

Brendan Awards
To administer the Brendan Awards, including the arbitration of award claims and the development of Rules and Procedures as appropriate
Paul Martin EI2CA (chair), Michael Staunton EI3DY, Jim Holohan EI4HH

Constitution & Rules Review
To review the IRTS constitution and rules document to ensure it is fit for purpose
Declan Horan  (chair), Jim Holohan EI4HH, Owen O’ Reilly EI4GGB Constitution

IARU Ethics and Operating Procedures Recommendations Subcommittee
To provide the IARU R1 with a summary of the key areas of concern, and suggestions of possible changes, to the IARU Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur, 3rd Edition guide, with a focus on areas relevant to HAREC examinations, notably the Code of Conduct, Social Responsibility, and Operating Procedures.
Rafal Lukawiecki EI6LA (chair), Mark Kilmartin EI4FNB, John Ronan EI7IG IARU guide

SWOT Analysis Subcommittee
This subcommittee was formed to carry on the work and investigate and implement actions as recommended in the SWOT analysis which had been carried out in 2021
Robbie Phelan EI2IP (chair), Adrian Connor EI9HAB  SWOT subcommittee

EMC Subcommittee
This subcommittee was formed to work on the area of EMC and interference in relation to the hobby in Ireland, which is an important topic with the ever increasing proliferation of interference generating devices and solar PV installations.
Liam EI4GB (chair), Tony Proudfoot EI3LC, Rafal Lukawiecki EI6LA EMC subcommittee

PAR fund working group
This working group was formed to reform the PAR fund guidelines and application process.
David Gardiner EI3IXB (chair), Tony Breathnach EI5EM, Roger Greengrass EI8KN PAR fund working group

Updated: 07/01/2024

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