Exam Syllabus

The Amateur Station License exam is based on the Harmonised Amateur Radio Examination Certificate (HAREC) syllabus.

The Irish syllabus is designed to ensure that candidates can demonstrate proficiency in the technical and operational aspects of amateur radio as well as the regulations governing the amateur radio service in Ireland.

Holders of the HAREC qualification are entitled to apply for an Amateur Station Licence in Ireland (and in many other countries).

The Licence Exam

The exam consists of two sections, each containing 30 questions.  The pass mark is 60% and a pass is required in each of the two main sections of the paper, A and B.

Section A – (30 Questions) : Pass Mark 60%

A.2Interference and Immunity4
A.3Electrical, Electro-magnetic, and Radio Theory4
A.4Components and Circuits3
A.5Transmitters and Receivers4
A.6Antennas and Transmission Lines4

Section B – (30 Questions) : Pass Mark 60%
Operating Rules, Procedures, and Regulations

B.1Phonetic Alphabet1
B.3International Distress Signs, Emergency Traffic and Natural Disaster Communications3
B.4Call Signs3
B.5Radio Spectrum Allocation in Ireland and IARU Band Plans4
B.6Social Responsibility of Radio Amateur Operation and the Code of Conduct3
B.7Operating Procedures and Non-Interference5
B.8ITU Radio Regulations2
B.9CEPT Regulations3
B.10Irish Laws, Regulations, and Licence Conditions3

The revised syllabus for 2022 is now available in the downloads section of the website, also here
There may be minor updates to this syllabus and further announcements will be made on the IRTS website, IRTS news bulletins and the IRTS email reflector
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