Radio Theory Links

The tables below have links to some of the many web sites containing information on radio theory.  The material in these sites would be of interest to existing radio amateurs and to those studying for the Amateur Station Licence Exam.

Those studying for the exam should note that the range and complexity of topics covered in some of these sites is beyond the requirements of the HAREC Syllabus.  Also, the regulations covered in the Irish exam are the Irish regulations, which can be found on ComReg's Amateur Radio Information Pages.

Material from countries using the HAREC Syllabus
Radio Experimenter’s Theory Notes Notes assembled by Mark Wall EI7IS
Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society Training handouts and Powerpoint slides.  Very suitable for anyone studying for the Radio Theory Exam
Electronics & Radio Today Information about basic electronics and radio topics
Electronics Club Electronics rather than radio-related however many interesting and relevant
pages and links
Past written papers of the (UK) RAE Includes City and Guilds of London Institute and the General Post Office written exam papers 1946 — 1978
Other Material
Amateur Exam Question Pools (USA) Download or Print Amateur Radio Question Pools
NZART Exam Information (New Zealand) Includes study guide, tutorial notes and question bank

Links updated on 4 Dec 2019

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