The IRTS QSL Service

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The purpose of the QSL Bureau is to facilitate the exchange of QSL cards between IRTS members (including SWLs) and radio amateurs around the world.  Most national societies operate such a bureau.
See this list of IARU QSL Bureaus.

How the Bureau operates OUTWARDS

This is handled by the QSL Manager Outwards.  To allow cards to be sorted as speedily as possible, please observe the following guidelines:-

  1. Card size should be normal postcard size (140mm x 90mm) to facilitate packaging.
  2. Put the call sign of the station worked in the top right-hand corner of the back of the card.  Add QSL information for unusual calls.
  3. Sort cards into DXCC entities with each country bundle contained with an elastic band (It is not necessary to sort prefixes or special calls within countries).  However cards for the USA should be further sorted by call areas (determined by the number in the call sign), with cards for call area no. 4 further sorted, keeping single and double letter prefixes separate.
  4. Place all cards the same way up and use elastic bands to separate the packs of cards.  Please do NOT use pieces of paper or paperclips.
  5. Send your cards to the Bureau regularly. Mail them directly to the QSL Outwards Manager.

The QSL Outwards Manager strongly advises that members Email him when they mail a package to him.  This allows him to expect a delivery and to advise the sender by Email that he has received it.

Some countries have no QSL Bureau  no buro

There is no point in sending cards for those countries to the QSL Manager Outwards.  Cards to any of these countries must be sent direct.

How the Bureau operates INWARDS

All cards arriving from foreign QSL bureaus are sorted into prefix order and forwarded to a team of sub-managers on a regular basis.  They in turn sort the cards into call sign order, for despatch to members.  Cards are posted out to members at least every three months, more often where a large quantity of cards is received for a member.  Members who want cards sent to them more regularly should leave a number of SAEs on file with their sub-manager.  Cards for non-members are returned to the bureaus of origin, unless arrangements for handling these cards have been made with the relevant Sub-Manager.

Special Event Call Signs

The outwards and inwards QSL service is available free to IRTS individuals and club members for their own call and for special event stations licensed to them.  The service is also available free to JOTA stations, irrespective of whether an IRTS member is the licence holder.  Operators of Special Event stations should supply details of their Special Event call to the relevant incoming QSL Manager.

QSL Inwards Service for non-members

The QSL Inwards Bureau is primarily a service for members.  However, non-members can avail of this service by making arrangements with the relevant QSL Sub-Manager.  Under these arrangements, the non-member would be required to provide envelopes along with appropriate postage costs to the QSL Sub-Manager.

Updated 30 December 2020

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