The Promote Amateur Radio Fund in support of Affiliated Clubs

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Each year, in order to promote Amateur Radio to the public, the Committee will consider the awarding of a number of grants to Affiliated Clubs.  These grants will primarily be funded by a kind donation by the late John O’Riordan EI6IJ.  The grants will be of around €300, usually not exceeding a total of €1,000 in any one year, and are to assist with the mounting of public special event stations by clubs affiliated to IRTS.  The stations should have significant public exposure with the specific intention of demonstrating Amateur Radio to members of the public.  The funds may be allocated in one or more grants, or not at all, depending on the nature of applications received.

Applications to be made in writing using the application form which can be downloaded from here to the Secretary of the Society for consideration by the Committee.

The following notes should act as a guide for interested Clubs:

  1. Applicant Clubs must be affiliated to the Society and must demonstrate that they still fulfil the criteria for affiliation.
  2. Applicants should fully describe the proposed event and show how they intend to promote Amateur Radio to the public.
  3. A draft budget for the event should be submitted showing proposed expenditure and details of full or part matching Club funds in addition to the IRTS grant.
  4. Grants will be released in two tranches, 50% up front and 50% on receipt of a report to the Committee after the event.
  5. Applicant Clubs are fully responsible for the events and the award of an IRTS grant does not confer any vetting approval by the Society or acceptance of any responsibility.
  6. Events should promote Amateur Radio and IRTS.
  7. Events taking place in GI are eligible, but should jointly promote IRTS and RSGB as national societies.

The above proposal would have a life span as long as funds remain (5 years at present).  However, from time to time smaller donations of equipment are given to the Society and the proceeds of the sale of same could be added to the fund.  At present the fund is ‘ring fenced’ within the Society accounts.

Published: 08 September 2013;  Updated 09 November 2014