Amateur Radio Licensing

Amateur radio stations are licensed by the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg).  To get a licence, the station owners must pass an exam.

But why is an exam needed?

  • We share the Radio Spectrum with other users
  • Within allocated frequencies and modes, we can transmit “anytime” to “anywhere” … on Earth or in Space
  • We can design and construct our own transmitters and antennas
  • So … we must demonstrate that we know what we are doing!

The exam covers …

  • National and international regulations
  • Operational procedures
  • Basic understanding of radio theory
  • Safety & Electromagnetic Compatibility


From ComReg’s Licence Guidelines …

“An Amateur Station Licence allows the licensee to participate in what is deemed to be a non-commercial hobby.  Radio Amateurs are also permitted to provide a means of communications during emergencies or natural disasters, as may be needed …  A licensed Radio Amateur can use licensed radio equipment to communicate with other licensed Radio Amateurs, located in the State or abroad.”

See ComReg's Amateur Radio Information Pages


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