Morse Test

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A pass in the Amateur Station Licence Exam entitles the holder to apply for a CEPT Class 2 licence.  To obtain a CEPT Class 1 licence (necessary to operate on the HF bands in some countries) both the Amateur Station Licence Exam and a Morse Test must be passed.  The Morse Test is conducted at 5 words per minute.

The test consists of the following:

Symbol /
.• – • – • –Full Stop
,– – • • – –Comma
?• • – – • •Question mark
/– • • – •Oblique stroke
==– • • • –Break
CT– • – • –Commence Transmission
error• • • • • • • •Error
AR• – • – •End of Message

Applying for a Morse Test

Morse tests are held at most rallies and at other venues as required, subject to the availability of one of the approved Morse Testers.  A request for a Morse test should be made to the Chief Morse Tester Dave Moore EI4BZ.

Photo identity must be produced by the candidate on the day of the test.  The photo ID can be a driving licence, a passport, an employment photo identity card or a student card containing a photograph.  A national Garda photo ID is also acceptable.

The fee for the test is €20, payable by cash or cheque when the test is taken.  Alternatively, payment may be made in advance by credit card or PayPal using our online payments systemNote that, if payment is made using the online payments system, the assigned Morse Tester must be informed of this payment at least 24 hours before the test is due to take place.

Sample Morse Test Files

The audio files below in MP3 format are playable using Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or other MP3 player.  Click on the link to have the player play the code practice.  The link may also be used to download the code-practice files for later playback. (e.g. in Windows, right-click on the link to the file you want to save, to display a menu of options for the link.)  On mobile devices the MP3 player will typically include a file download option.

Plain language (including punctuation)
File 1 MP3 Text
File 2 MP3 Text
File 3 MP3 Text
File 4 MP3 Text
File 5 MP3 Text
File 6 MP3 Text

Updated 7 December 2018

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