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Amateur Radio is a hobby of constructing, experimenting and communicating.  A licensed radio amateur can operate two-way radio equipment from almost anywhere, and can talk across town or around the world.

The scope and possibilities are endless and would include, for example, experiments with home-built equipment or antennas, sending TV pictures, operating through satellites, or just having a quiet chat with friends at home or abroad.

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Maybe too technical for me?

Amateur Radio is as technical or non-technical as you want it to be.  It originally developed around experimenters who built their own equipment, but most radio amateurs now use commercially built equipment.  A certain amount of skill and technical knowledge is, of course, required to operate this equipment.

A good understanding of operating procedures and practices, along with a basic knowledge of radio theory, is needed to qualify for an Amateur Station Licence.

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Where does IRTS come in?

IRTS is the national society for radio amateurs and experimenters in Ireland.  Its purpose is to promote the study of radio communications, to encourage radio experimentation, to provide services to its members and to represent their interests both nationally and internationally.

Membership of IRTS is open to all.  There are no paid employees: administration and all other work done by its officers and members on behalf of the Society is done on a voluntary basis.  Join Us!.

IRTS is the member for Ireland of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU), and is affiliated to IARU's Region 1.  The IARU represents the interests of the Amateur Radio Service worldwide.

I'm interested ... tell me more!

Amateur radio operators are licensed by ComReg.  See ComReg's Radio Amateur Information Pages for more about licensing.  Getting an Amateur Station Licence has some practical advice on how to go about getting a licence.
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