The Worked All Ireland Awards Scheme

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The Worked all Ireland Awards are available to Amateur Radio Operators and SWLs throughout the World.  The Award is available for working EI/GI Grid Squares, Counties and Islands.  The Award book was compiled and checked by Steve Wright EI5DD, and Tom Rea EI2GP, and is based on extensive work carried out, in the early 1970s, by the late Paddy McGill, GM3MTH and by David Jones GI3KVD.


  1. To promote friendship through Amateur Radio
  2. To promote activity in Ireland both fixed and mobile

What’s my WAI Square?

WAI squares are based on 10km x 10km squares within the Irish grid reference system, and are identified by a letter followed by two numbers, followed by the name of the county, e.g. S71 Wexford.

The Irish grid reference system uses a letter to identify 100km x 100km squares, then a number of digits representing the easting and a number of digits representing the northing.  The WAI square uses the letter, the first easting digit and the first northing digit.

Find a WAI square quickly using one of these sites:
Irish Grid Reference Finder
Irish Grid Reference

Awards Scheme (See here for the Counties Awards for 2015)

Qualification Grid Squares
(EI/GI ops)
Grid Squares
(Overseas ops)
Counties   Islands
Basic17515015(at least 3 in GI)1
Bronze25020022(at least 5 in GI)3
Silver42035032 6
Gold60050032 9
Thousand1000100032 15
Ultimate1400140032 25

Administration of the WAI Scheme

To facilitate the administration of the WAI Scheme, Award applicants are requested to claim the various awards in sequence.  In other words, a claim should be submitted once sufficient squares have been worked.  Then at a later stage, the Silver and Gold Awards can be claimed in sequence.

Claimants are particularly requested not to wait until they qualify for the Gold Award, to claim all three awards together.

Awards Costs

(See payment information below)

Island Awards

The Island award is for giving out or working 12 Islands for EI/GI stations, with additional stickers for every 10, up to 52 Islands.

For all Island awards, an “Island” is defined as an offshore piece of land, not connected to the mainland by a bridge or causeway.

Any queries on Islands will be dealt with by the Awards Manager

Bookholders Award

This Award is for working 100 Bookholders - stickers are available for each subsequent 100 to a maximum of 500.

Activity Award

This is for mobile stations who give out 100 areas and stickers are available for each subsequent 100 areas, or another certificate, suitably endorsed.

Certificate of Merit

The certificate of merit is issued for outstanding devotion to the cause of WAI, either fixed or mobile.

WAI Rules

The full rules appear in the WAI Book.  Stations operating /M or /P may only activate one square at a time.

WAI Book Information

(See payment information below)

Dave Moore EI4BZ
Co. Cork

Claiming WAI Awards

All claims for WAI Awards Certificates should be addressed to the Awards Manager

Payment Information

Payment may be made by PayPal todavebeagthe at

WAI Frequencies

Updated: 11 February 2021