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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday 5th July 2009

ComReg Consultation on the 2300 to 2400 MHz Band

ComReg has published a consultation paper on the release of spectrum in the 2300 to 2400 MHz band. The paper is Document 09/49 of 15 June and is available in the Publications section of the ComReg website at This band is an amateur secondary allocation.

The IRTS will in due course prepare a response to this consultation paper and we would encourage interested individuals and radio clubs to do so as well. Licensees who have views which they wish to have reflected in the IRTS response should communicate by e-mail to ei7cd /at/ Responses to the consultation paper must be submitted before 5 p.m. on 29 July next.


The IRTS VHF/UHV Field Day is being held this weekend. The Committee in trying to improve the contest has decided to add extra bands in the restricted section.

Up to now the Restricted Section was 144MHz only. Now you can use any single band of the VHF/UHF bands.

Rule 5.2 will be changed to read:

Restricted Section A. 50MHz B. 70MHz C. 144MHz D. 432MHz E. 1296MHz

There is still only one single band permitted in this section but now you have a choice of which band you want to try in the contest.

We do hope this will spur some more activity from the clubs and individuals in the VHF/UHF Field Day.

The 34th Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen

The 34th Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen had 17,400 visitors over the three days, with 195 exhibitors and associations from 30 nations. Visitor numbers were slightly up on last year, for the three days visitors streamed into the Messe fair grounds from all over the world.

There were many visitors to the IRTS stand during he course of the event and upwards of twenty EI 's attended. Among the material displayed on the stand was a set of charts prepared by John EI7BV which traced the changes in the amateur bands at each of the World Conferences from 1927 to date. Needless to say these generated a good deal of interest and are a significant historical resource.

You can make a note of the dates of the 35th HAM RADIO: from the 25th through 27th June 2010 in Friedrichshafen.

Ballooning and Amateur Radio Club

The B.A.R.C. (Ballooning and Amateur Radio Club) of Ireland again had a stand at the annual Hamtronic show in Friedrichshafen Germany this year.

The equipment for the stand was transported by Aidan EI5HW, Gerry EI9DZ, Sean EI7CV, George EI7EC, Chris EI7AAB and Dave EI7GEB who maintained a constant presence there throughout the three days of the show. Valuable assistance was given by Kim G7AIE and Jacqui 2E0FQV both members of the Mid-Sussex A.R.S. An innovation this year was the flying of a helium-filled balloon with basket simulating a hot-air balloon over the stand which created a landmark within the exhibition hall visible from all sides.

A valuable contribution in the shape of Irish tourist literature was made by the members of I.R.T.S. who were present at their stand nearby. There was keen demand for this all the time. Among the many hundreds of signatories in the book were Amateurs from all over Europe,U.S.A.,Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

On Sunday June 28th, a special flight of the Zeppelin was made over Friedrichshafen from which a 2-meter station was operated by Franz Schwartz DK5JI who made 82 contacts over a period of 18 minutes with mostly German ops but the number included Aidan, Gerry, Sean,Dave and Kim who had been invited to take part in the operation. A further highlight of the weekend was experienced by Aidan EI5HW and Sean EI7CV who made a flight in the Zeppelin.

All those concerned agreed that the operation was a great success, and are hoping that it can be repeated next year.

Dxpedition to Clare Island

Members of the Dalkey Island Contest Group plan to activate Clare Island for the forthcoming IOTA Contest which takes place on 25-26 July. The callsign EJ1DD will be used in a '100 watt DXpedition' entry and the IOTA reference is EU-121. QSL information is via EI7CC.

Operators will be EI2CA, EI5DI, EI6EW, EI7CC, EI7CD, EI8BP AND EI8CE. Look for activity also from the individual operators using the EJ prefix between 23-27 July.

Sligo 2m Repeater

The 2m Sligo repeater is scheduled to undergo an engineering upgrade and maintenance, this process will take up to a month to complete.

FREE to a good Home

The following items are available FREE to a good home

The XYL of Ken EI9El has issued an ultimatum! His Precious collection of electronic gems has to go by Wednesday 8th July! The following items are available to a good home. Valve radios from 60s and 50's one each by Murphy, Philco, Leak (Trough Line Tuner), Heathkit (SW receiver), Ultra. Also WW2 Surplus 19 set, 18 set and 46 set all heavily modified for Amateur use.

Must be collected by Wednesday 8th July, Dartry, Dublin area. Phone Ken EI9EL at 086 392 8083.

See the ISS in daylight!

The heavens-above website is reporting that it may be possible to see the International Space Station (ISS) in daylight

The website says:

Some observers have reported that as the ISS approaches completion, it can now be seen in daylight. It is unlikely to be visible when the Sun is high, but when the Sun is low in the sky, you may well be able to see a high pass of the ISS.

The Heavens-above site gives the times of ISS passes

DX News


Paddy EI7GK will be QRV from his daughter's house in Mexico during July. Listen out for XE1/EI7GK on 14.268 MHz SSB + or - QRM.

Past experience shows the best time for propagation between EI and XE is early morning 06.00 to 08.00. Irish time. Remember that Mexico is 6 hours behind EI. Paddy will be delighted to work EI and GI stations.


This special callsign was approved by Industry Canada for use in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the landing of men on the moon on 20 July 1969.

It will be in use from 14 July 2009 until 27 July 2009. eQSL or paper cards via VE3OIJ (Bureau or Direct).

History This Week

1801 Birth of FC Gerke, Germany, devised International Morse Code, 1865.

1896 Marconi transmits 400 metres between London PO buildings.

1897 Marconi receives first patent for a radio device in Britain.

1928 Baird demonstrates colour TV.

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