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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday October 15th 2000

Jamboree on the Air

The 43rd Jamboree on the Air will take place on the weekend of 21st and 22nd of October. The 132nd Radio Group will again be operating a station for the weekend. JOTA is the largest international scouting event and gives Scouts an opportunity to communicate directly by voice or computer with other Scouts throughout the world.

The station will operate voice on HF and VHF. The station will also operate VHF Packet Radio carrying out local keyboard to keyboard communications and access to local packet servers. PSK will also be used on HF (this will be the first time that the unit will be using the PSK mode for JOTA). The unit will be using the special millennium callsign EI2MM. Further details will follow later.

Sections wishing to participate or anyone who wishes to make further enquiries may contact the 132nd Unit by e-mailing Sean O'Sullivan at or phone 087-2326994. You can also contact Joe Dillon via e-mail at or by phone at 8390812.

Over the same weekend Mount Mellary Scout Centre will be on the air using the callsign EI5MRC. The station will operate Packet, 2m and HF (Phone and CW). About one hundred scouts and cubs will attend the event, most of them will have the opportunity to talk with other scouts and cubs around the world via amateur radio. The event is being organised by David EI1349 who is the JOTA national organiser, Pat EI9EZ, Jim EI8IG and Bob EI7AF. Radio Amateurs are welcome to call in on the station over the weekend.

IRTS Committee Meeting

The next committee meeting of the IRTS will take place on Saturday the 11th of November 2000 at 11.00am in the Shamrock Lodge Hotel, Athlone. Clubs are reminded that they can send representatives to this meeting.

IRTS Web Page

Following some problems completely outside the control of the Society, the IRTS Web Page is again up and running. Our thanks to Paul O’Kane EI5DI and Sean EI4GK who did great work in getting us back on line.

The IRTS members Handbook will be going to print shortly and club secretaries are asked to return the questionnaire, sent to them by the secretary, immediately. Failure to do so will result in your club not being listed in the handbook. Any last minute change of address details should be sent to Joe Ryan EI7GY immediately.

South Eastern Amateur Radio Group

The next general meeting of the South Eastern Amateur Radio Group will take place on Wednesday the 25th of October at 8.00pm in the Roanmore Social and Sports Centre, Cleayboy Road, Waterford. The topic of the meeting will be ‘Radio Procedure’ and will cover topics such as contest operation, using repeaters and radio band plans etc. A portable station will be in operation at the meeting.

S.E.A.R.G. would like to hear from those interested in participating in the next session of night classes leading up to the Theory Exam for the Class B licence. The classes will take place one night a week in Waterford at a nominal cost. Those interested can contact the club by e-mail at or by phoning Mark, EI7IS at 087-6302026. For latest information on S.E.A.R.G. activities, visit the website at

Monaghan Rally

The Monaghan radio rally will take place in the Four Seasons Hotel in Monaghan on Sunday next the 22nd of October. Doors will open at 11:30 and all the usual excellent facilities will be available.

Upcoming Contests

The Worked All Germany Contests will be held next weekend.. This one runs for 1500utc on Saturday the 21st to 1500utc on Sunday the 22nd and it caters for both CW and phone operators.

The biggest contest of the year, the CQ Worldwide SSB Contest will be held over 48 hours on the 28th and 29th. This is the biggest opportunity in the year to work lots of rare DX. There are lots of different categories you can enter, from single band entries to multi-multi efforts.

VP5T will be active in this contest and will be especially looking for Echo India contacts on all bands and all EI stations making a contact will get a QSL card automatically without having to send a card. This is a special offer for EI stations only. Outside the contest the operators will be using their own callsigns signing portable VP5 and will be active especially on the WARC bands. The operators will be Ken K2WB, Jack N2VW, Frank WA2VYA and Bruce WA3RHW. Thanks to Joe Duffin W2ORA for the information.

Items for inclusion in Echo Ireland should be forwarded to Dave Moore EI4BZ at 021-883555 in the evenings or by e-mail to Dave is also available during office hours at 021-823172 and you can fax him at 021-823316.

Items for inclusion in the Radio News should be forwarded to Mark Wall EI7IS at QTHR or via e-mail to Items can also be sent to Mark over the phone at 087-6302026.