IRTS 2 Metres Fixed ‘Home QTH’ Contest : Rules

The IRTS General Contest Rules will apply, except as noted below



  “Stay at Home” guidelines preclude the operation of hilltop stations that are key to the success of our 2m Counties Contest, so in its place we are holding a one-off distance-scoring contest for fixed EI & GI stations


Date and Time

  3.00 pm to 4.00 pm local time (not UTC) on Easter Monday, 5th April 2021



3.1    A.  SSB/FM High Power
     B.  SSB/FM Low Power
     C.  FM High Power
     D.  FM Lower Power
     E.  SWL (see Section 7 / General Rules)
3.2 In the High Power sections the power limit is the maximum permitted by the entrant’s licence.  In the Low Power sections the power limit is 10W
3.3 In the SSB/FM sections, a station may be worked on both modes



4.1 SSB: 144.250 – 144.350 but not including the SSB calling frequency of 144.300
4.2 FM: 145.225 – 145.475 (25 kHz spacing)
4.3 Only one signal may be transmitted at a time


QSY Rule (on FM channels only)

5.1 After any QSO in which you are called by another station, you must QSY to another channel before soliciting another QSO
5.2 When you respond to a CQ or QRZ from another station, you then have the right to that frequency for a single additional QSO before QSYing as required by 5.1
5.3 To summarise – the station calling CQ or QRZ must QSY once a contact has been made.  The station answering the CQ or QRZ has the frequency for one more contact
5.4 This QSY Rule does not apply to SSB QSOs


Eligible Entrants

  A station operating from the operator’s home QTH in EI or GI.  (For the sake of fairness, this restriction on operating from the home QTH applies even if operation from an alternative location or portable/mobile operation is permitted under the relevant public health guidelines for the operator’s region)
  Note that in accordance with our current General Rules, entries are only accepted from single-operator stations or multi-operator stations where all operators are in the same family and live at the same location



  RS plus serial number, starting at 001, followed by 6 character (e.g. IO63WG) Maidenhead locator (search QTH Locator / Maidenhead Locator apps if unsure of your locator)



8.1 1 point per km. for completed valid contacts with EI or GI stations
8.2 A standard 10 points for each valid contact with a station outside EI/GI
(distance-scoring only applies to QSOs with EI & GI stations)
8.3 Logs will be re-scored, so the inclusion in the log of QSO points claimed is optional
Log submission info



(See Rule 6.2 / General Rules regarding the minimum number of QSOs for award eligibility)
  Award certificates for the leading station in each section will be available to download
Contest Calendar and Rules page

Updated: 15 March 2021