IRTS VHF/UHF 2020 Contest Rules

The IRTS General Contest Rules will apply, except as noted below.



  This is a one-off contest replacing the usual VHF/UHF Field Day, which is not feasible this year due public health restrictions.  These Rules are based on our current understanding of the planned lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, and are subject to change if future guidelines are not implemented as currently planned.



  There are 5 separate contests, over different time periods, as set out below.
(Note: these time periods coincide with the allocated periods of operation of the RSGB “Lock-down VHF NFD”.)
    50 MHz (6m)  14:00 to 16:00 UTC, Saturday 4th July
    70 MHz (4m)  17:00 to 19:00 UTC, Saturday 4th July
    1296 MHz (23cm)  05:00 to 07:00 UTC, Sunday 5th July
    432 MHz (70cm)  08:00 to 10:00 UTC, Sunday 5th July
    144 MHz (2m)  11:00 to 14:00 UTC, Sunday 5th July
     •  A station may enter the contest on one or more bands / all five bands.
     •  It is not necessary to use the same QTH for all bands entered.
     •  Each band will be scored separately, therefore separate logs for each band are required.
  SWL  There is also an SWL section for each of the above contests   (see Section 7 / General Rules.  The 6-character Maidenhead locator for Station Heard and Station Worked should be shown, in place of the county.)


Eligible Entrants

  A station operating in EI or GI.  Note that in accordance with our current General Rules, entries are only accepted from single-operator stations or multi-operator stations where all operators are in the same family and live at the same location.
  The station may be fixed or portable, provided any travel to the station QTH is in accordance with government guidelines.


Modes & Power

4.1 Permitted Modes:  CW  SSB  FM  AM
A station may be contacted only once (on each band) irrespective of mode
4.2 Power:  The maximum permitted by the entrant’s licence.  (Note: the power limits specified for VHF/UHF Field Day do not apply for this contest)



  RS(T) plus serial number, starting at 001, followed by 6 character (e.g. IO63WG) Maidenhead locator.



  All completed valid contacts: 1 point per km.  Logs will be re-scored, so inclusion in the log of QSO points claimed is optional.


Operating Procedures

  The use of the DX Cluster or other spotting networks to obtain call sign and frequency information of potential new contacts is permitted.  Only facilities that are demonstrably part of a more general system, and in common use by contesters in different locations, may be used.  These facilities may not be used for posting messages or arranging skeds, nor is self-spotting or asking to be spotted permitted.



(See Rule 6.2 / General Rules regarding the minimum number of QSOs for award eligibility)
  Award certificates for the leading station on each band will be available to download.  Trophies are not being awarded for this contest.
Contest Calendar and Rules page

Updated: 14 June 2020