Comreg Spectrum management plan 2022-2024 and responses

On September 10th 2021 ComReg published document 21/90 Comreg - Proposed Strategy For Managing the Radio Spectrum - 2022-2024 inviting comments on their proposed strategy for managing the spectrum in the years 2022 to 2024.

The IRTS and a number of clubs as well as individual amateur licensees submitted comments. ComReg published an assessment of these comments on December 17th 2021 in document 21/136a.

A Summary document of the main proposals of interest to the amateur service, the IRTS inputs and Comreg responses is available here.. Comreg 21/90 Outcome

Comreg have also made available a document detailing the non confidential submissions to the proposal document 21/90 and it is available here.. Comreg 21/136s

The documents are well worth a read for anyone with an interest in the radio spectrum and communications in Ireland. They also give an insight of the work involved in spectrum management and the various parties that have an interest and input to the process.

The IRTS welcomes the positive views and new assessments in the ComReg document and will engage with ComReg and IRTS members to work on these plans.

Updated 01 January 2022

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