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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday September 12th 1999

Cork Radio Club Rally

Cork Radio Club will host their annual rally at the Blarney Park Hotel in Blarney on Sunday next September the 19th.

The doors open to the public at 11 o’clock and the rally will run until about 5 o’clock.

This year’s event promises to be even bigger than previous years and rally organiser Con EI7DJB informed the IRTS news service that computers will be a big part of this year's rally. At least two major traders in computers and related bits and pieces have booked space and this, together with all the usual traders, means that there is little table space available for late comers.

Small traders may still be accommodated but it essential that they contact Con EI7DJB at 021-270136 as soon as possible.

Con may also be contacted by e-mail at

With the increase in popularity of ATV in the Cork area, the Cork club will have a demonstration of that mode running all day at the rally.

SSB Field Day

Band conditions for last weekend’s SSB Field Day were very variable with some nice DX being worked on all bands. However, propagation into Europe for the all-important 5-pointer DL and OZ portable stations was not too good and scores everywhere seemed to be well down on previous years.

There were quite a few Echo India field day stations heard over the weekend. North Dublin Radio Club, EI0NDR/P were active from the Dublin area and the west was represented by the Mayo Radio Experimenter’s Network, EI7MRE/P.

Most of the activity was in Cork with Cork Radio Club, EI5CRC/P operating from their usual site in Glanmire. Mike EI2IB and friends operated EI2IB/P from near Fermoy and the East Cork Group EI7M/P was active as usual from their field day site near Carrigtwohill.

Weather conditions could not have been better and all participants should have had a very enjoyable weekend.

Thanks to all the EI operators who took the time to call the portable stations.

Fingal Radio Club

Members of Fingal Radio Club are organising a bus to the LLandudno Radio Rally on Saturday 6th November. The HSS departs Dun Laoghaire at 07.40 hours and arrives in Holyhead at 08.40 hours.

On the return journey it departs Holyhead at 18.30 hours and arrives in Dun Laoghaire at 20.10 hours.

The cost is IR£45 and this includes collection at designated points around the city, delivery to and admission to the show. People will be dropped off at the same points on return. There are still 7 seats available and those interested should contact Liam Murphy EI3HK on 087-2521542 or 01-8316266 or E-mail to

No more activity from MIR

For the first time in 10 years there is nobody in space. Early on the morning of Saturday August the 28th, the international crew left the space station MIR, bringing to an end to a permanent amateur radio station in space.

MIR had been occupied for a total of 3,641 consecutive days.

The departure followed a hectic two weeks in which the crew shut down station laboratories, filled up it’s garbage scow and switched off all but essential systems.

A new crew, meanwhile, is being trained for a short mission that might be needed to make final preparations for what would amount to a burial-at-sea. The schedule calls for cosmonauts to fly to Mir in February or March of 2000 and to oversee the arrival of a fuel-filled Russian space freighter. The freighter would periodically fire onboard thrusters, nudging Mir into a lower orbit of about 125 to 135 miles above earth. The crew then would abandon ship and return to Earth before the freighter gives Mir a powerful last push into the upper atmosphere.

Dates for your diary

Saturday next, September the 19th has been designated International Amateur Radio Day world-wide and there will be many special event stations on the air.

The Cork Radio Club annual rally will be held on Sunday September the 19th in the Blarney Park Hotel in Blarney.

The Leicester Amateur Radio and Electronics Exhibition will be held on September the 24th and 25th The RSGB International HF and IOTA Convention will be held at the Beaumont Conference Centre, near Windsor, over the weekend of 8th to the 10th of October.

The annual Scouts Jamboree On The Air will be held over the weekend of October 16th and 17th. Further information from Pat EI9EZ QTHR.

The North Monaghan Hobby Radio and Computer Exhibition will be held this year on Sunday the 24th of October in the Four Seasons Hotel, Monaghan.

The London Amateur Radio and Computer Show will be held this year on November the 27th and 28.

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