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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday December 20th 1998

ODTR responds to submissions

In September this year, the IRTS submitted a response to a Consultation Document issued by the Office of the Director of Telecommunications Regulation, which dealt with the establishment of Fixed Wireless Point to Multi-Point Access Services. The Consultation document indicated that consideration was being given to allowing these commercial services operate in the 10 Gigahertz band. There is a secondary allocation on this band for the amateur service, and other users include radar. The IRTS response highlighted the usage of the band by radio experimenters, and included details of the parts of the band considered important to radio experimenters. The Director of Telecommunications Regulation has now published a response to the Consultation process. IRTS was among 28 organisations which responded to the original paper, most of the others being commercial organisations. As far as the 10 GHz band is concerned, the latest paper indicates that it is proposed to allocate two 30 MHz segments for narrow band usage. This will affect the secondary allocation for experimenters, and will involve a reduction in the overall secondary allocation to the amateur service. However, the paper indicates that consideration will be given to improving the status of amateurs operating in other parts of the band.

While the latest paper does not indicate which frequencies will be affected, we are confident that the interests of experimenters will be given full consideration.

Another Radio Amateur Head of State

Another radio amateur has become a Head of State. Lebanese Army General Emile Lahoud OD5LE succeeded President Elias Hrawi on Tuesday the 24th of November last. He will serve a six year term of office.

Kells Radio Club

Kells Radio Club meets on the first Thursday of every month at the Headfort Arms Hotel in Kells and new members and visitors are most welcome. This year's committee is headed by Chairman John EI8HW, the secretary is Pierce EI4CI, the Treasurer is Jerry EI8EXB and committee members are PJ EI8IP, Ronnie EI9ED, Roy EI9EIB, SWL Noel, Jeff EI6FLB and David EI5FZB. The club is extremely active, particularly in contests and runs four digital nodes and a 70cms repeater on RB3.

Fingal Radio Club

At the recent AGM of Fingal Radio Club the following officers were elected: Chairman: Liam Murphy EI3HW Hon Treasurer: Chris Yeates EI7AAB Hon Secretary: Henry Blount SWL Members: Harry Boyle EI7BC and Rod Walsh EI7DF

A series on Monday night talks are being planned for the New Year on various topics starting on January 11th with a demonstration by Rod EI7DF on the Icom PCR-1000 and a further program of events will be announced later. Also planned for the Spring/early Summer is a DF/Treasure hunt for all the family. So now is the time to start knocking the dust off the HB9CV or Doppler DF gear. Later in the year, in August the club plan to revive the Family Day/Boot sale at Bellewstown. This was a great favourite over the years, and as it was not run for a few years, there must be lots of suitable junk collecting in garages and attics. The Fingal Radio and Electronics Show is being re-located this year as Jury's Hotel is no longer available for one day events. The committee will be looking at various locations over the next few weeks in order to assess their suitability. They are particularly interested in the provision of suitable parking and refreshments. More about this in a later bulletin. The committee and members of Fingal Radio Club wish you all a very Merry and Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mount Leinster Repeater back in action

The South Eastern Amateur Radio Group are pleased to announce that their repeater (EI2WRC) situated on Mt. Leinster is back on air since December 4th. It was removed from site last August to facilitate construction work on the building in which it was housed and whilst off air some servicing was carried out on the equipment, hence the delay in getting it back on air. The club would like to take this opportunity to thank Tony EI2CV for his invaluable help in this regard.

Christmas Greetings

On behalf of the President of the Society, Paul O'Kane, EI5DI, officers and committee members, we take this opportunity to wish all listeners a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

We thank all who have contributed to the running of the Society over the past twelve months especially all involved with the production and broadcasting of the Radio News each week.

Items for inclusion in the Radio News can be faxed to 021-632730 or passed on the telephone to Dave EI4BZ on 021-632444 during the day or at 021-883555 in the evening.

Input for the Newsletter should be sent to Kevin EI7IM at QTHR or on the phone at 01-4509514 or by E-mail to All input to either the radio news or newsletter can also be sent by e-mail to


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