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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday December 13th 1998

RSGB President's Installation

Last weekend, on Saturday 5th December, IRTS President Paul O'Kane EI5DI represented the Society at the RSGB AGM and the installation of Hilary Claytonsmith G4JKS as the RSGB's 64th President.

Other countries represented were Germany, Holland, Denmark and Belgium. In a brief speech congratulating Hilary on her appointment, Paul emphasised the close ties between RSGB and IRTS. Barney Patterson (GI3KYP and EI4BC) had been President of both societies, and Ian Kyle GI8AYZ, the outgoing RSGB President, is an honorary life member of IRTS.

One item of news, warmly received by those present at the AGM, was that the present restrictions on third party traffic in the UK are to be relaxed. An official announcement was expected within a few days.

In his final Presidential address, Ian Kyle described how the average age of RSGB members was increasing and he said that amateur radio must adapt or die. Paul reports that it's clear the RSGB, and the ARRL, feel that proficiency in Morse is no longer a relevant qualifier for the right to operate on HF, and that they will recommend its abolition (as a qualifier) within the next few years. In the meantime, the present Radio Regulations continue to require proficiency in Morse, but do not specify minimum speeds. Both the RSGB and ARRL are now promoting an entry level qualification of 5 words per minute with additional privileges (whether power or frequency bands) for higher speeds.

There was no suggestion that Morse would not continue as a normal mode of operation for amateurs, nor was there any suggestion of a threat to the dedicated Morse sub-bands. What's still far from clear, however, is what would replace it as a qualifier for the right to operate on HF.

EI - HL Day

Song HL2AQN visited EI two years ago and since then has been keeping regular skeds with EI operators. There is great demand in South Korea for contacts with EI and to satisfy this demand, an EI/HL day has been declared for Saturday next December the 19th. Propagation forecasts suggest that we will have an opening for about an hour around 0900 utc. The frequencies to listen on are 21.130 MHz on CW and 21.140 on SSB. Your support would be appreciated.

IARU Conference

In October 1999 the triennial Region 1 conference will take place in Lillehammer, Norway. The IRTS has had representatives present at all such Conferences in recent years and obviously plans to participate in next year's event. Even at this early stage, work is taking place on the preparation of the agenda for the Conference and all national Societies have been asked to submit papers or proposals before 31st January 1999. The IRTS Committee will, at it's next meeting in early January, review the situation and decide if there are any items it wishes to submit to the Conference. Members with points to make, who wish to recommend changes to the structure of the international organisation or who are unhappy about amateur radio matters should use this opportunity to seek to influence international opinion. Recommendations, complaints or suggestions should, in the first instance, be conveyed by post, phone or email to Paul O'Kane at QTHR. All points of view put forward will be considered at the January Committee meeting and if accepted will be forwarded as part of the IRTS submission to IARU Region 1. It is worth remembering at this point that voting at Conference is on the basis of one society, one vote, so the IRTS voice is on a par with that of any of the larger societies.

Some of the items that were considered and voted upon at the last IARU Region 1 conference were: Band planning, Scheduling and Operation of Contests, Protection (and expansion) of the Amateur bands, Packet radio and the Internet, The future of Amateur Radio, The operation of Repeaters and Beacons.

The Committee would welcome submissions from members and looks forward to hearing from you!!

Scheveningen Radio

For 94 years Scheveningen Radio, callsign PCH, has operated the Dutch radio service for maritime radio stations all over the world. The station will finally close on January the 1st next. PCH will hold an radio amateur "farewell day" on it's 94th anniversary on Saturday and Sunday next. On 80 metres SSB, PA6PCH will operate on 3687kHz from 0800 on Saturday next December the 19th until 0800 on Sunday the 20th.

On CW, PCH will operate cross band from 1500 on Saturday to 0700 on Sunday as follows:- Listen on 7025 and transmit on 8622 kHz Listen on 14050 and transmit on 12799.5 kHz Listen on 18085 and transmit on 17198.9 kHz. All QSOs will be QSL'ed automatically and cards should not be sent to PCH. Requests by SWLS should be sent to PA0JY QTHR or via the bureau.

New callbook

The 1999 IRTS Yearbook will be published soon and club secretaries and PRO's are requested to submit, immediately, any details of their club, for inclusion in the publication. The editor, Kevin EI7IM, is anxious that details would be e-mailed to him or sent by any other means as soon as possible.

Potential advertisers in the Yearbook are invited to contact John Corless, EI7IQ, at telephone 094-81856 (evenings) or e-mail or fax 094-81010, for rates and other information.

South Dublin Radio Club Christmas Party

The South Dublin Radio Club's Christmas party will be held on Tuesday next at the Yellow House in Rathfarnham, starting at 9 pm. As usual, visitors are more than welcome.

Items for inclusion in the Radio News can be faxed to 021-632730 or passed on the telephone to Dave EI4BZ on 021-632444 during the day or at 021-883555 in the evening.

Input for the Newsletter should be sent to Kevin EI7IM at QTHR or on the phone at 01-4509514 or by E-mail to All input to either the radio news or newsletter can also be sent by e-mail to


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