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IRTS RADIO NEWS BULLETIN Sunday March 29th 1998

Cork Radio Club AGM

At the Annual General Meeting of Cork Radio Club held recently the following were elected for the coming year-

Chairman: Fr. Finbar Buckley EI1CS Secretary: Pat Monaghan EI6DTB Treasurer: Tony Stack EI9ID Committee: Fred Owens EI2EG, Dick Bermingham EI6HH, John Kelleher, EI8HS and Frank Mason EI6EVB

The Jerry Burke Memorial trophy was awarded to Con EI7DJB for his great work on the clubs behalf in running the annual rally.

The Jasper Swanton Trophy was presented to Vincent EI7HN in appreciation of his ongoing contribution to the running of the club.

The club meets every Monday night in Wilton Park House in Bishopstown at 8 pm and visitors are always very welcome.

Limerick Radio Club

Another club to hold its Annual General Meeting recently was Limerick Radio Club and the following officers and Committee were elected-

Chairman: Paul EI6FE Secretary: Brian EI9AL Treasurer: Tony EI2AW Committee: Tony EI9IL, Joe EI9HG, Brendan EI0CZ, Mike EI6AXB AREN Co-ordinator: David EI2AMB QSL Manager: Alan EI8EM Trustees: Tom EI9BG, John EI9AD and Eamonn EI5AJ

Congratulations are extended to the successful group of eight who recently passed their radio theory examination. New callsigns are being heard on the air in the Limerick area these days and it is hoped that more will be licenced before long.

The annual Limerick rally was held on Sunday 22nd of March in the Limerick Inn Hotel. While numbers were down on last year, it is hoped that the trend will be reversed in future years. The club would like to thank all who supported the event, especially the traders.


The IRTS AGM will be held over the weekend of April the 18th and 19th in Jury's Hotel in Cork. Tickets for the Dinner costing 19.00 are now available and all information on both tickets and accommodation availability can be got from Dick EI6HH on 021-545154.

On the Sunday, the rally and the AGM itself will also be held in Jury's. Anyone wishing to book a table at the rally should contact Con EI7DJB at 021-270136 as soon as possible.

Mayo Radio Experimenters Network

The Mayo Radio Experimenters Network have changed the venue for their monthly meetings and they now meet at 8.30 pm on the first Wednesday each month at the Wishing Well in Ballyvary.

Classes are ongoing and the radio theory and morse examinations will be held in Castlebar on Thursday May 7th. The venue will be announced shortly.

Anyone wishing to come along and sit either examination is more than welcome.

Ballymena Golden Jubilee

Ballymena Amateur Radio Club will this year celebrate its golden jubilee and over the period July the 2nd to July the 9th, they intend to combine the club celebrations, the centenary of the worlds first amateur radio station run by Captain M.J.C. Dennis and the first radio transmission from Rathlin Island.

The operation will consist of stations on Rathlin Island and at Ballycastle for the seven days and a team of up to thirty five operators will be required to man the stations.

The Ballymena club are inviting interested amateurs to get involved at either station, especially over the VHF/UHF Field Day weekend on July the 4th and 5th.

If you are interested, please contact Jeff Clarke GI4HCN at 154 Calgorme Road, Ballymena BT42 1DE or ring 08 01266 659769 for more information. Please make contact before next Friday at the latest.

Worked All Ireland

Listeners are reminded that Worked All Ireland activity can be found on 3.680MHz and on 145.350MHz.

Last weekend activity was particularly good and on Sunday afternoon, John EI8DL and Tony EI4ED, were mobile in the Cavan, Longford and Leitrim areas on 2 Metres and worked stations all over the country.

Among those worked were Noel EI6HW in Athlone, Mike EI3IG in Roscommon, Mickey EI6HY in Donegal, Tom EI7CJ in Louth, Roy EI7H, Denis EI8HM and Pat EI6DA in Dublin, Richard EI3FHB/M and Paul EI6FE in Clare, Billy EI7GO in Tipperary, John EI7GL in Cork and Brian MI1BYV in County Down.

On 80 metres, on Saturday and Sunday, Ari EI5IP from Athlone activated squares in Counties Galway and Mayo.

This weekend keep a listen on 80 metres for Tony EI9IL who will be activating squares in the Limerick area. The WAI Awards Manager is Tom Rea EI2GP and all award applications should be sent to him at QTHR.

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Mail can also be sent on packet to EI4BZ and EI7DNB on cluster or at the EI7DKB BBS. The Radio News Editor John EI7DNB can be contacted at 021-353277 after 1830. All input to either the Radio News or the Newsletter can be sent by e-mail to


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