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IRTS RADIO NEWS BULLETIN Sunday March 15th 1998

Communications Technology in the Community

The IRTS was represented by Sean EI4GK at the recent Communications Technology in the Community Conference held in Dublin. Although primarily concerned with mobile phones and their masts, the range of frequencies dealt with was between 300MHz and 300GHz. This of course includes a number of amateur bands including 70cms.

The subject is a very emotive one, as evidenced both by the number of protest groups outside the conference hall and the type and manner of contributions from those within the hall.

A number of internationally known experts presented the results of their studies on the effects of microwave radiation. Much of this research was conducted on mice and rats in laboratory conditions and most seemed to indicate that the effects of radiation were minimal. However, as the day progressed the experts were subjected to very close questioning and were forced to admit that although there was no clear evidence that microwave radiation was harmful, equally there was no clear evidence that it was not. Most of the attendees seemed to feel that the jury on the subject is still out and a lot more work needs to the done before definitive decisions can be made - either way.

While the experts came to present details of their work in a detached and scientific manner, some members of the audience were able to provide details of their own experiences - often at variance to the experts - that were quite frightening.

One fact that did emerge was that whatever the merits or demerits of mobile phone masts, spending long periods with a mobile phone close to your ear is definitely not to be recommended. A future issue of the newsletter will carry further information on the conference.

Limerick Rally

On Sunday next, March the 22nd the Limerick Radio Club will hold their annual rally at the Limerick Inn on the Ennis Road in Limerick. All the usual traders will attend featuring Amateur radio, computers, software, electronics, CB radio, mobile telephones, model aircraft and of course a bring and buy stall. The doors will open at 12 noon ad the admission will be £2.00.


he IRTS AGM will be held over the weekend of April the 18th and 19th in Jurys Hotel in Cork. Tickets for the Dinner costing 19.00 are now available and all information on both tickets and accommodation availability can be got from Dick EI6HH on 021-545154. On the Sunday, the rally and the AGM itself will also be held in Jurys. Anyone wishing to book a table at the rally should contact Con EI7DJB at 021-270136 as soon as possible.

Marconi Centenary Celebrations

The Wicklow Wireless Society has been working with the Dun Laoghaire 1500 committee in arranging a suitable commemoration of the centenary of Marconis experiments in Dublin Bay in July 1898.

The celebrations will take place over the period July 18th to the 21st next and will include a number of events. The Society will run a special event station from a number of locations during the celebrations. In addition, the Royal St. George Yacht Club will stage a special classic yacht race on Sunday July 19th during which a re-enactment in period dress of Marconis transmissions from a boat in the bay to the original shore station will take place. The Marconi trophy will be presented by Marconis daughter Princess Eletra Marconi to the winner of the yacht race. In addition a plaque commissioned by the Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown County Council commemorating Marconis achievements will be unveiled in the presence of the Princess on Monday July the 20th. This plaque will be erected on Moran Park House, the original buildig used by Marconi as his shore station.

EI Activity Days

The Annual EI Activity Day will once again be held on Tuesday next St. Patricks Day and all EI and GI operators are asked to make a special effort to get on the air for some period on the day. Great interest has been expressed by overseas stations, especially in North America and the news service has been very busy answering Email messages over recent weeks. Activity on the Irish Hour on 21.317MHz on Sundays has been variable of late with conditions ranging from very poor to very good. Have a listen on that frequency today and on Tuesday.

South Dublin Radio Club

Members of South Dublin Radio Club plan to travel to Laois and Offaly on today Sunday March the 15th, to activate WAI squares in the Slieve Bloom mountains. Operation will be on the normal WAI frequency, starting at around 12.00 noon.

Congratulations to South Dublin Radio Club member Nick Cummins who recently passed the radio theory exam and has now been issued with the call sign EI5FLB. Nick has been a member of SDR for the past few years, and has actively participated in many of the club's events, using the club call sign under supervision.  Now with his own call, Nick is already well advanced with his Morse practice, and hopes to take th Morse test in the near future.

Items for inclusion in both the Radio News and Newsletter can be faxed to 021-632730 or passed on the telephone to Dave EI4BZ at 021- 632444 during the day and at 021-883555 in the evening. Mail can also be sent on packet to EI4BZ and EI7DNB on cluster or at the EI7DKB BBS. The Radio News Editor John EI7DNB can be contacted at 021-353277 after 1830. All input to either the Radio News or Newsletter can be sent via e-mail to


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