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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday May 26th, 2024

Welcome to 26 New Operators

The National Short Wave Listeners Club is delighted to announce that the most recent HAREC course, Class Golf, has not only finished as scheduled, on the 2nd of May, but it has also delivered a great result. After six months of hard work and study, a group of 26 students sat their HAREC exams in Dublin and in Tralee on 11 May 2024. In a first, all of the NSWLC candidates have passed! There are already 24 new Irish call signs, and a further two on their way in Germany and in the Netherlands. A special welcome to Józef EI6JDB who is 13, and who took the exam with his dad, Derek EI6JEB.

The students' hard work and dedication was only matched by the dedication of the teaching team of 18 volunteers, who invested 700 hours of work into Class Golf. The tutors were Dave EI4BZ, Diarmuid EI4LF, Eamo EI7LC, Jerry EI6BT, Keith EI5KJ, Mike EI4HF, Paraic EI9IRB, Pat EI2JQB, Rafal EI6LA, Ray EI2JPB, and Simon EI7ALB. Class Golf Mentors were Damian EI7LF, Gerry EI7IFB, Joe EI3JVB, Mike EI2LF, Miguel EI4JKB, Sébastien EI2JZB, and Vlado EI4JCB. Two just-licensed members, John EI6JSB and Brendan EI7JBB have organised and run a study group that focused on exam questions from other HAREC countries. Every time a new op volunteers to help others get their licence, the century-long amateur radio tradition of friendship and helpfulness lives on.

The NSWLC would like to thank the IRTS Exam Board for the timely exams and for their attention to the candidates' needs and concerns. Gratitude also goes to ComReg for processing the results rapidly, with almost all the candidates receiving their new call signs within a matter of just a few hours.

The NSWLC has 133 members at present, all of whom are also members of the IRTS. Many will be taking the next HAREC course, Class Hotel, planned for the late autumn. The NSWLC would like to thank the national society; the IRTS, for directly supporting the club and its educational activities. Indeed, the NSWLC is very grateful for the support of each and every member of the IRTS and their clubs, and they express their sincere hope that everyone continues to support the IRTS in any way they can.

South Eastern Amateur Radio Group EI2WRC

The May meeting of the EI2WRC group will take place tomorrow, Monday, May 27th at 8 p.m. sharp at the New Community Men’s Shed, Ozanam Centre, Coffee House Lane, Waterford. Anyone that has an interest in amateur radio or communications in general are very welcome to come along. SWLs are in particular very welcome to attend.

EI2WRC will be QRV as EI2WRC/P from the Old Copper Mine, Tankardstown, Bunmahon, Co. Waterford on Saturday next, June 1st. Although there is no official European geopark activation taking place this year, the club is pleased to announce that the location can be activated in the following categories, Echo India Flora and Fauna, EI POTA, and also EI COTA. Please see for more details.

For more information about EI2WRC, their activities, and for contact details please see

IARU Monitoring System Region 1 Newsletter

The April edition of the IARU Monitoring System Region 1 Newsletter has been published. Radio jamming in the context of electromagnetic warfare on the 40m and 15m bands is noted in the report. Several instances of relatively rare modulation schemes and protocols associated with mainly military use cases were also detailed. You can learn more about these and view examples of the recorded intruding signals by downloading the free newsletter at

IRTS CW Field Day

The IRTS CW Field Day event takes place next Saturday June 1st and Sunday June 2nd. Running from 15:00 UTC on Saturday to 15:00 UTC Sunday, entrants can choose different categories. The first is the open section where the output power is the maximum permitted by the station licence and without a restriction on the number or type of antennas. The second option is a restricted section which also offers a six-hour section in addition to the full 24 hours. Further details may be found at

North Dublin Radio Club AGM

North Dublin Radio Club will hold their AGM at 8.30 p.m. on the 8th of June. The meeting will take place in the Artane Beaumont Family Recreation Centre, Kilmore Road, Dublin 5. All members are hereby notified and asked to attend.

Cyberattack takes Logbook of the World offline

The American Radio Relay League announced that a cyberattack disrupted its online and IT operations approximately ten days ago. For many radio operators around the world, the immediate impact was that the ARRL’s popular Logbook of the World (LoTW) online database was no longer accessible. At the time of compiling this news, the ARRL was still working on the addressing the issue which they described as a serious incident. However, according to them, it is not a LoTW server issue and doesn’t affect the security of LoTW data either.

Items for Inclusion in Next Week’s Radio News

That is the news for this week. Items for inclusion in next week’s radio news can be submitted by email to newsteam /at/ for automatic forwarding to both the radio and printed news services. The deadline is midnight on Thursday.


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