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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday August 13th, 2023

Silent Key – Alan Adams EI5HY

We regret to report on the death of Alan (The Soldier) Adams who passed away on Sunday July 23rd. Alan served in the Irish Army for 26 years which included three tours of the Lebanon. We extend our deepest sympathy to his family and friends. May Alan rest in peace.

South Eastern Amateur Radio Group activating Hook Lighthouse

The South Eastern Amateur Radio Group, EI2WRC, will once again activate Hook Lighthouse ILLW reference IE0003 on Saturday and Sunday the 19th and 20th of August as part of the 26th International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend. For more info on the International Lighthouse and Lightship weekend please see Hook Lighthouse is located on the south east coast of Ireland in Co. Wexford. The present structure is about 800 years old and is the oldest intact operational lighthouse in the world. For more info, please see The South Eastern Amateur Radio Group would like to thank Lorraine Waters and all the event staff at the Hook Lighthouse visitors centre and Phil Lawlor from Irish Lights for all their help in planning this event. To find out more about EI2WRC and their activities you can email them at southeasternarg /at/ or please feel free to go along to any of their events or meetings. Their website is and you can also find them on Facebook or /at/ seargnews on Twitter.

Tipperary Amateur Radio Group Meeting

Hugh EI2HI reports that the next meeting of the Tipperary Amateur Radio Group will be held at the Talbot Hotel, Clonmel on Wednesday the 16th of August 2023 at 8p.m. This meeting is open to all and Short Wave Listeners are in particular very welcome to attend. For more information about Tipperary Amateur Radio Group go to their group website

Collective Communications at the Steam Rally

EI3CC would like to thank all who dropped by and wished them well at the Steam Rally last weekend. Keith EI5KJ announces that EI3CC will be at Ballinacourty Lighthouse Waterford on the 19th and 20th of August with their usual displays, demonstrations, and famous enthusiasm to welcome all who have, or might have, an interest in Amateur Radio. Keith continues with an invite to take a trip to the south coast of Waterford and say hello. They generously offer free cups of tea and a chocolate biscuit to all visiting licensed amateurs and SWLs. They would love to have your callsign in either their visitors book or their logbook. If you can't make it in person, you are invited to listen out and give them a shout on air. The group will be operational on all HF bands that are open on the Saturday and Sunday.

Kerry Amateur Radio Group active for the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend

The international Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend (ILLW) will take place on Sat 19th & Sun 20th Aug. Members of Kerry Amateur Radio Group (KARG) will once again be QRV as EI1K from Cromwell Point Lighthouse, IE0001, on Valentia Island on all HF bands and modes. As usual, the lighthouse is open to the public, with an admission fee, which helps support the renovations and improvements being made. Visitors will be able to view the live on-air station, as well as enjoy a nice treat in the adjoining cafe at the lighthouse. KARG is looking forward to meeting the many visitors over the weekend and will be looking for the other EI lighthouses.

Meteor Scatter Update

The Perseid meteor shower is typically the most impressive of the year. It peaks this weekend, but activity will continue until the end of the month. It can produce the highest rate of shooting stars in the night sky. VHF operators can take advantage of what should be excellent conditions to work long distances by signals refracted by ionised trails as dust and rocks burn up in Earth’s atmosphere. The centre of activity is 144.360 MHz commonly using the MSK144 mode. The best activity can be found generally after midnight and up until the late morning. As the Perseid shower is one of the biggest on the calendar, it is worth trying to monitor or even attempt some meteor scatter QSOs with your existing 2m equipment.

Tropospheric Ducting Forecast

Staying on the topic of VHF long distance communications, moderate to high tropospheric ducting conditions are forecast from early on Thursday next. If conditions develop as indicated, this is likely to be one of the better tropo opportunities so far this Summer.

Ghosts in the Air Glow – An Ionospheric Transmission Art Project

The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, comprises a phased array of 180 HF crossed-dipole antennas spread over 33 acres of land in Alaska. The research conducted at HAARP focuses on the physical processes at work in the very highest portions of our atmosphere, namely the thermosphere and ionosphere. An artist called Amanda Dawn Christie is planning to use this for an ionospheric transmission art project called Ghosts in the Air Glow. This show will run on Monday August 14th from 03:30-04:30 UTC using frequencies below 10MHz. Shortwave radio listeners from around the world are invited to tune in and submit reception reports online through the project’s website. Further details including the frequencies to listen out on may be found at

Items for Inclusion in Next Week’s Radio News

That is the news for this week. Items for inclusion in next week’s radio news can be submitted by email to newsteam/at/irts/dot/ie for automatic forwarding to both the radio and printed news services. The deadline is midnight on Thursday.


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