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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday 01 May 2022

Club News

The South Eastern Amateur Radio Group EI2WRC reports: Tramore was the location for the group to activate the EI2IMD call-sign which was specially got for the Marconi Day 2022 activation. International Marconi Day 2022 took place on Saturday April 23rd and once again it proved to be a very successful activation with massive pile-ups on all bands that the call was used on. Early on Saturday morning three Australian stations were worked on 20m SSB and throughout the morning many other countries were worked using the club’s Yaesu FT857 and Wayne EI7HKB’s home-brew 49:1 EFHW antenna. John EI3HQB also made some CW contacts using the club’s Elecraft K2. Many club members visited the station throughout the day with many members of the public also stopping while passing to ask what the funny wires in the sky were for! It was a very special day for club member Jamie EI1578 who logged his first contact on HF using the EI2IMD call under supervision from a EI2WRC member. Well done Jamie and we all know it will be the first of many. With band conditions dying in the late afternoon the station closed down and everyone headed for home. Even though it was a cold and windy day in Tramore a great day was had by all. Tramore has a direct connection with Marconi as he often stayed there with his aunt, a Mrs. Cookman who resided at the Cove, Tramore.

For anyone that wishes to find out more about the South Eastern Amateur Radio Group and their activities you can drop them an email to southeasternarg /at/ or please feel free to go along to any of their meetings. You can check their website and you can also join them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

A first update was sent in by Anthony, EI7LB, regards the setting up of the new shack in Carlow. He writes: "I am happy to advise you that we have been contacted by Sean, EI2HZB and Stefan, EI4KU who have offered their services in helping to set up the Irish Wheelchair Association Club here in Carlow. We were also contacted by Joe EI8DY who has gifted us a HF Receiver made by JRC, Model NRD 345 . This will be a fantastic start to the Service users, so thank you very much. If any other operators would like to loan of gift us something unused from their shack we would be very grateful. Remember we don't have much at this stage but we are hoping other Radio Hams will help us out. I'll keep everyone updated on our progress." Anthony can be contacted via email, his address is Anthony.Brophy /at/


IRAU YOTA Organizers can finally announce the 10th edition of "YOTA Summer Camps" this August. After the COVID-related cancellations in 2020 and 2021, the Croatian Amateur Radio Association HRS generously offered to proceed with the planning. Thus, they ask every Youth Coordinator in IARU Region 1 to apply for their national YOTA Teams according to the “Call of Applications”. One team can consist out of up to four participants. The final number of participants per member society will be announced after the application deadline on the 8th of May 2022. Therefore, if you are a youngster wanting to participate at this year’s YOTA Summer Camp, feel free to reach out to your national Youth Coordinator and show your interest today. International Aid Organizations also support Amateur Radio related activities. Part of this are the upcoming "Young Helpers On The Air" YHOTA Activity Days, held on the 14th and 15th of May, and again on the 24th and 25th of September.


Tony, EI5EM sends the Newsteam this report: "Saturday 23rd of April was a very special day at the Martello tower in Howth. At 10 a.m. we held a ceremony to celebrate the life of Pat Herbert, founder of the vintage radio museum. Pat sadly passed away almost two years ago when the pandemic was at its height, and it wasn't possible to do justice to the memory of this legend until now. Members of Pat's extended family and friends, from home and abroad, gathered outside the Martello to remember him. Several people spoke warmly of their own personal memories of Pat, including Simon, his son and Evonne his daughter. Pat's son Noel was the main man at the event. After the speeches, all joined in in singing Danny Boy. Refreshments were then served in the Abbey Tavern. It was a fitting tribute to Pat. Thanks to Simon for organizing the commemoration, which was planned to coincide with International Marconi Day at EI0MAR, an event that Pat loved, as it generated a great atmosphere and was a hive of activity. He would sit in his chair taking it all in. IMD 2022 was not the same without Pat, it couldn't be. Nonetheless, it proved to be a very enjoyable day with lots of visitors and QSOs. Thanks to everyone who made the effort to attend, making it a very special day. Pat's spirit will no doubt be ever-present in the Martello, along with the spirits of Lee de Forest and Marconi, three great giants of radio. The museum is Pat's legacy to us. Long may it continue into the future. The museum is now open for visitors every day between 11am and 4pm until the end of October, when it will revert to weekend opening.

As part of the International Marconi day event located at EI0MAR, Mick, EI6IKB set up a portable station in the grounds of the Tower in Howth, using a Yaesu FT-857, helped by an auto-tuner driving an end-fed half-wave antenna for 80m. In a posting on he decribes the antenna shown in the photos as a "Concoction of fiberglass poles and a fishing rod." He writes: "This was my first portable activation and a dry run for many more. The wire element of the antenna is approx 40 mtrs long and as i used 2.5 square it proved quite heavy and caused the poles to bend quite a bit. This was the first time i used this length with a 49:1 balun and the readings on the analyzer were promising. I use a copy of this antenna at the house, but it is only a half wave on 40m, approximately 24 meters long. It became apparent quite quickly that I was hearing stations that would usually be unworkable at the house. I could hear Japan for the first time, but was unable to break into the pile up. I did a lot of listening around and made a few contacts including Israel and Kazakhstan. The lessons learned were: Remake the antenna with a lighter grade wire. Source some stiffer fiberglass poles, i.e. linesman poles. Have a proper printed log book. Source a decent extension speaker, VHF is no problem with the FT857, but HF sounds very high pitched. A big thanks to Tony, EI5EM for letting me set up and use the EI0MAR call for some of the contacts, and for the cuppa." EI6IKB's report on shows how it's done: Going "portable" to make use of an open space for building a big antenna, escaping the city QRM, enjoying the fresh air, make new contacts near and far, all while honing one's skill for the next portable activation.

HF Activities and Contests

A few sought after prefixes have been activated by European hams. Janusz, SP9FIH and Leszek, SP6CIK, are operating from Nepal as 9N7WE and 9N7CI until the 19th May, covering the 40 to 6 meter bands. QSL to their home calls, with details shown on the webpage.

Yuri, YL2GM has arrived on the Andaman Islands, meeting up with Manoj, VU2CPL and Deepak, VU2CD. Together they are on the air as PVU4W until the middle of May. On their webpage of the Latvian Amateur Radio League, at they will post updates of their activities on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, IOTA reference AS-001.

Two of the contests that took place earlier this year have their results published. The Final-Results sheet for the Hungarian DX 2022 confirmed a strong participation of stations from EI. Preliminary results have been posted on the CQWW website for the 160m CW and SSB legs of their 48 hour mammoth contests held each January and February.

Slim pickings for the five participanting stations from EI in last Wednesday's UKEICC one hour CW contests. LY6A lead the field in a tight competition, helped by a long skip, with many contacts over 2000 km distance.

The more demanding 24 hour UK EI Contest Club CW contest on 80 to 10m wound down Sunday noon, we'll report on the results in next week's news.

Across the Irish Sea, the 144MHz FT8 Activity Contest takes place on Wednesday from 1900 to 2100UTC, a good chance to test one's VHF DX capabilities. The exchange is your report and 4-character locator. Details on the RSGB website.

Due to Ukraine’s inability to participate in radio sports competitions, the Lithuanian Radio Sport Federation LRSF, in consultation with representatives from Latvia and Estonia and following a membership survey, decided to suspend this year's international HF competition “Baltic Contest”.

In contrast, the 24 hour duration Italian Postheadericon A.R.I. International DX Contest is going ahead, starting at 12:00 UTC next Saturday. Beside the usual power and operating classes it also features a SWL, a Rookie and a Youth Section, all with various overlays.

Also on Saturday, starting at 08:00 UTC the European EME contest on 23cm, also known as the “VK3UM Memorial EME Contest” takes to the ether. This 16 hour contest is sponsored by the VHF, UHF and SHF enthusiast's DUBUS Magazine and the French REF. Intended to promote random EME contacts and is in this way different from contests where contacts solicited via different channels like Internet chat forums, DX-clusters or other ways of communicating are allowed.

That is the news for this week. Items for inclusion in next week’s radio news can be submitted by email to newsteam /at/ for automatic forwarding to both the radio and printed news services. The deadline is midnight on Friday.


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