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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday May 30th 2021.

IRTS Contest News

Results of the IRTS 40 metres Counties Contest held on 9th May have now been published, see for full details. Band conditions on 40 metres were very poor on the day, with almost no short skip. County multipliers were therefore in short supply for EI and GI stations. However, there was good support from overseas stations, which accounted for almost 80% of the QSOs logged.

Linking La Crosse, Wisconsin and Ireland via Amateur Radio

La Crosse is a city on the Mississippi River, in western Wisconsin in the USA and this year in mid-august they will be holding their 16th annual Irishfest. What’s different this year is that amateur radio is being introduced into the programme and the Riverland Amateur Radio Club is issuing an invitation to Irish amateur radio clubs and individuals to get involved in linking La Crosse with Ireland during the festival. The plan is that operations will be held on Saturday August 14th between 1600 and 2200utc on 14.260MHz. They will also operate on the Riverland Club’s repeater on Yaesu Wires-X room 63956. Shawn KD9KGQ would love to hear from any Irish amateurs interested in participating in the event. Email Shawn at eistim68 at The La Crosse Irishfest website can be accessed at and the Riverland Amateur Radio Club’s web page is

CW Field Day

IRTS CW Field Day takes place next weekend the 5th and 6th of June. This contest is for portable stations and is on the CW contest preferred segments of the contest bands from Top Band to 10 metres. It runs for 24 hours from 1500 UTC on Saturday 5th June and there is a 24 hour section and a restricted 6 hour section. The first weekend in June is when a number of IARU Region 1 societies would normally run CW Field Day contests and has always been a good opportunity for European CW operators test their skills in a portable environment. The covid pandemic has affected field day and other contests over the past year and no IRTS field day events were held in 2020. Following improvements in the public health situation in recent months, we decided to proceed with our field day events this year, subject to restrictions and precautions that have been inserted into the contest rules. We note that DARC, the German national society, has decided to cancel its CW Field Day this year; while it acknowledges the improved health situation, it is concerned that regulations or restrictions may not be uniform throughout the country. The RSGB CW Field Day contest is going ahead, so we can expect plenty of activity from UK portable stations.

Contest University and Hamvention Forums 2021 now on YouTube

If you missed the Contest University 2021 on May 20th and the Hamvention Forums on May 21st, they are now available online. The complete program is about 8 hours and 15 minutes long. Here are some of the presentations available. Preparing Your Station for Competition by Frank W3LPL: "Contest Categories - Make the Most of Your Entry" by Mark M0DXR: "Youth - the Future of Contesters" by Phillip DK6SP: "Contesting from Russia" by Willy UA9BA: "There is Nothing Magic About Propagation" by Jose CT1BOH: "Transceiver Performance for the HF DX and Contest Operator" by Royce N0CB: 2021 CQ Contest Hall of Fame Presentation by John K1AR.

First Mauritius Satellite

Jean Marc, 3B8DU, announced the following on May 23rd: The first 3B8 satellite will be sent to the ISS (by JAXA) on the NASA SpaceX resupply mission-22 on the 3rd of June 2021 and will be deployed in June by the KIBO robotic arm. The callsign is 3B8MIR (MIR-1 meaning Mauritius Imagery & Radio-communication Satellite 1). Payloads are a camera and a digipeater (bent tube) which will be made available to the HAM community worldwide when satellite is not downloading images or used for experimental purposes. The uplink will be on 145.9875MHz and the downlink on 436.925 MHz, 9K2 GMSK, as coordinated with IARU. More information will be available on soon.

National Shortwave Listeners Club

The National Shortwave Listeners Club meets on the Zoom platform on Sunday nights and all shortwave listeners are invited to join in. The club will continue to meet during the summer months and meetings will always include information of interest to newcomers and old timers in the hobby and there is always an opportunity to ask questions on any area of interest. Further training for the HAREC examination will resume after the summer break and anyone interested should secure their place by making contact through

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station

The Interoperable Radio System aboard the International Space Station is active in cross-band repeater mode through mid-June, according to the ARISS website. The cross-band repeater operates on an uplink of 145.990MHz, with a 67 Hz tone, and a downlink of 437.800MHz. In mid-June, the radio will change to the Automatic Packet Reporting System mode. The radio will be turned off on the 2nd of June during the Russians' Extra vehicular activity (EVA) when two Russian cosmonauts will spend over six hours outside the Space Station carrying out scheduled tasks and experiments. The very next day SpaceX will launch its upgraded Cargo Dragon vehicle from Kennedy Space Center to the station at 1:29 p.m. EDT. It will automatically dock on June 5 at 5 a.m. to the Harmony module’s space-facing international docking adapter carrying about 7,300 pounds of science, supplies and hardware. Dragon is also carrying the first set of new solar arrays that will be installed on upcoming spacewalk to augment the orbital lab’s power system.

On the Air next week

The UK Six Metre Group Summer E’s Contest is on next weekend starting at 1300utc on Saturday the 5th and running for 24 hours. The modes permitted are SSB, CW, FM, AM, SSTV & RTTY. MGM Contacts are not permitted. See for the full rules. The 10-10 Int. Open Season PSK Contest will be run from 0000Z, Jun 5th to 2400Z, Jun 6th on 10 metres only. All contacts must be 2-way BPSK31. As mentioned earlier in the bulletin, the CW field day runs from 1500utc on Saturday next for 24 hours. Another CW contest, this one for the Tisza Cup, runs from 1200 on Saturday, also for twenty-four hours. You may work everyone but higher points are scored for working countries on the Tisza River like Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, and Serbia. The exchange is report and CQ Zone. The Japanese KANHAM contest is aimed at YL and youth operators and runs from 0600 on the Saturday the 5th for twenty-four hours. JA stations will send RST plus Prefecture number while YL’s or young operators will add the letter Y to the exchange. This is a good contest for anyone working towards achieving the Japanese Prefecture Award. Stations outside Japan just send RST while YL’s or young operators should add the letter Y.

DX news VK9XX should be active from Christmas Island from the 28th of May for between two and three weeks, during his off duty hours, mainly operating FT8. He will be using a Yaesu FT-857D and a simple Sotabeams antennas plus an ATAS mobile vertical.

Operators Dennis K2SX, John K4BAI, Jim K4QPL and Johnnie KR4R will be active as VP5/homecall from Providenciales Island (North America-002) between May 25th and June 1st. QSL via their home callsigns. EO30A is active celebrating the 30th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine. QSL only via LOTW or EQSL

Club station T71CC will be active on 80 to 10 metres until June 5th. QSL direct via t70A.

Several Hawaiian Amateur Radio operators will activate the special event station K6K to celebrate 'King Kamehameha the Great and Hawaii's Rich History' on June 11th.

That is the news for this week. Items for inclusion in next week’s radio news can be submitted by email to newsteam/at/irts/dot/ie for automatic forwarding to both the radio and printed news services. The deadline is midnight on Thursday. Urgent items for the news may be telephoned to News Editor Dave EI4BZ on 087-6290574.


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