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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday 18th July 2010

World Radiosport Team Championship

The "Olympics" of amateur radio contesting is the World Radiosport Team Championship. This year's games took place, outside Moscow, during the IARU HF Contest, held last weekend. 48 teams of top contesters from around the world were in Moscow for the event. They operated under field-day conditions, with identical antennas and were limited to 100 watts output.

Each team consisted of two operators; call signs were allocated just before the contest and were not publicised until afterwards so that other radio amateurs would not be tempted to confine their contacts to their fellow nationals.

Following log-checking, the results of the championship have now been published. They show a team from Russia in first place, followed closely by an Estonian team, with a USA team in third place. The winning team had over 3,400 QSOs in the 24 hours of the contest - a good indication of what two good operators can achieve on just 100 watts!

70MHz band in Spain

The Spanish PTT has temporarily authorized the use of the 70.150 - 70.200 MHz. This segment can be used by all EA until July 1st, 2011.

Aren News

ComReg has issued a new set of callsigns for use by the Amateur Radio Emergency Network. The callsigns are available for use during training and emergency nets as directed by the National Coordinator. The three callsigns are EI0AC, EI0EC, and EI0NC and supersede any callsigns issued in the past.

AREN have SSB Nets on the 7th and 21st of each month on 3.660 +-

WAI Squares Activation

Peter EI4GZB Declan EI9HQ will be out activating Squares Today the 18th July

Planned squares to be worked are Oscar 33 34 35 36 County Dublin. All squares will be activated /MM from the boat it is planned that the above squares will be activated both times during the day, on the outward and return journeys.

Bands to be used will be 20m 40m & 80m 14.268 7.068 & 3.680/760KHz SSB only + - QRM.

EJ1DD QRV from Clare Island for IOTA Contest

Members of the Dalkey Island Contest Group are again travelling to Clare Island this year for the IOTA Contest which is scheduled for the weekend of 24-25 July. The callsign will be EJ1DD and the operators are Paul EI2CA, Peter EI7CC, Sean EI7CD, Seamus EI8BP, Ger EI8CC and Aiden EI8CE.

QSL Manager is EI7CC. For the IOTA Award the reference Number is EU-121 and for the Lighthouse enthusiasts the WLOTA reference is 1935.

There may be some activity by individual team members either side of the contest using their own calls with the EJ prefix. All contacts will be very welcome Whether you are a contester or not.

EJ3Z activate EU-121 Inishbofin 24th, 25th July

IOTA Contest

Members of the Galway radio Experimenters Club (EI4GRC) and Shannon Basin Radio Club (EI2SBC) will be on air from Inishbofin Island for IOTA 2010 contest using the call EJ3Z. Inishbofin is a small island 9KM off the west cost (53.37 North - 10.14 West) with the IOTA Ref EU-121. On the days leading up members will be active using their own call signs on HF & VHF also watch out for EJ4GRC. Inishbofin Grid Sq is IO43vo. More information on the island is available on

Contest Team include Pat ei9hx, Nial ei4cf, Anthony ei6ggb, Mike ei2eo, Tony ei3ha, Fergus ei6ib, Ronan ei8ih, Mark ei6jk, Des ei5gt, Tom ei3er, Adrian ei7dmb, Michael ei4al, Enda ei2ii.

Saltee Islands EU-103

EI4II and Olivier, ON4EI will be active from the uninhabited SALTEE Islands, EU-103 between July 23-25 2010, taking in the IOTA contest. Callsign that will be used will be: EJ4II.

QRV from 160-10m, CW & SSB. QSL via EI4II.

Expedition blog

CQ CQ calling news items

As is common through the year we have occasional lulls in news. If your group or club are involved in anything that you would like to share with our Listeners or readers please pass on the information to our editor.


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History this Week

1912 Bradley A. Fiske patented the airplane torpedo. 1914 Robert H. Goddard of Worcester, MA, patented liquid rocket fuel.

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