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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday 16th August 2009

IRTS Committee Meeting

The next meeting of the IRTS Committee takes place next Saturday in Port Laoise. Affiliated Club's are reminded that they are entitled to send a club representative to the meeting.

Amongst the items on the agenda for consideration is the possibility of holding some committee meetings in Athlone rather than Port Laoise to facilitate Clubs in the West and North West.

If your club has an opinion on this proposal please attend or convey your feelings to a committee member.

Next Theory Examination

The 21st of September is the closing date for applications to sit the next Theory Examination for an Amateur Station Licence which will be held on Tuesday the 6th of October at 2p.m. in the ComReg Offices in Dublin. To reserve a place at the exam intending candidates should forward the appropriate fee to Sean Nolan EI7CD, 12 Little Meadow, Pottery Road, Dunlaoghaire, Co. Dublin.

The fee is 50 Euro or 25 Euro for full-time registered students, repeat candidates and those who are retired, unemployed or have a disability. Cheques and Money Orders should be made payable to the IRTS. When forwarding the exam fee intending candidates should enclose their postal address as well as phone and e-mail contact details. Sean's e-mail address for any further enquiries is “ei7cd at gofree dot indigo dot ie”

Intending candidates should note in particular, that in Section B of the paper – National and International Rules and Operating Procedures’- questions on the National Rules will be based on the new Wireless Telegraphy (Amateur Station Licence) Regulations 2009 which came into force on I June 2009. These Regulations and other matters in relation to the operation of amateur stations can be found in the ‘Amateur Station Licence Guidelines’ published by ComReg in Document 09/45 which is available on the ‘Publications’ section of the ComReg website at

There is also some very useful information available under ‘Radio Theory’ in the ‘Links’ section of the IRTS website at

IRTS 2m Counties Contest

Sunday the 30th of August is the date for the Autumn 2m counties contest. It takes place between 14.00 and 16.00 local. The full rules are available on the IRTS website under the contest tab.

This contest does have a good number of Portable entries and the would be glad of any contacts on the day. As most people have some type of 2m rig please try to be active and give away some points on the day.

70cms Activity Hour

To try to promote activity and see if it is worthwhile to run a 70cms Counties contest. We will be having a 70cms activity hour following the 2m contest on Sunday the 30th August. Both FM and SSB stations will be welcome and both Calling channels will be monitored.432.2 for SSB and 433.5 for FM users.

We look forward to hearing many portable and fixed stations on the day.

Dave Court EI3IO

Dave will be moving to Bahrain (A9) on 28 August, initially for a period of 2 years. No call-sign information is available as yet. However you may find Dave on 20m in A9 from September onwards, depending on the time it takes to obtain residency etc.

A QTH has been chosen which appears to be good for all bands 160m to VHF. Subject to licensing restrictions, Dave plans to be QRV on most MF, HF and low VHF bands. Equipment being taken includes an Elecraft K3 transceiver, Acom 1000 amplifier, yagis for 14 MHz to 70 MHz and an 18 metre Spider Beam fibre glass support for MF and low HF verticals.

It should be noted that 600m, 60m, 6m and 4m are currently not available in A9. EI3IO will still be QRV from Ireland during the next few years, during vacation trips to the family home in Shankill, where family members will still be resident. The Dublin DX Cluster EI7SDX will also remain QRV with internet access only - click or telnet:// for access."

30 Meter Multi-Mode Weekend August 22-23

The Amateur radio 10 MHz (30 metre) band will be alive with digital signals during the multi-mode weekend on August 22-23

The objective is to promote experimenting and using different digital modes on unique 30 Meter Band. A number of digital mode groups will be participating this weekend so if you wanted to try out a mode you have thought about trying here is your chance to get on the 30 Meter Band to try those digital modes and/or try a digital modes software that includes multiple digital modes.

This is NOT a contest.. no set times.. no rules.. no exchanges.. no winners other than those that participate with casual use of the 30 Meter Band to experiment, rag chew, DX and have some fun!

Crossakiel Amateur Radio Association

C.A.R.A are holding their first club event, which is a field day on Sunday 16th August in Crossakiel. They hope to be active on 80m-2m and on 145.550 Simplex from 10am-10pm

Please have a listen out for the EI4CARA club station on the bands. The Club meets every Wednesday at 8pm in the Welcome Wagon in Crossakiel. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The Mayo Roscommon Galway Experimenter Radio Group

The MRG experimenter Radio Group VHF/UHF SSB Challenge 2009 will take place between 15.00hrs – 18.00hrs (local time) on Sunday 6th September.

Fixed section: 144Mhz & 432Mhz (SSB only)

Portable section 144Mhz & 432Mhz. (SSB only)

Any EI/GI operator holding an amateur/experimenter licence can participate. Closing date for logs is October 4h 2009. Please forward completed logs to ei2mrg /at/ Trophies will be presented to the winners of the fixed and portable sections later in the year. A full copy of the rules can be had by visiting

Limerick Radio Club

On the 15th and 16th of August, members of Limerick Radio Club will be participating from Tarbert Island Lighthouse for the International Lighthouse Weekend, using the call sign EI4TLH.

Club members, who intend taking part in the event should contact John EI6IW at QTHR or by e-mail to “johne at gofree dot indigo dot ie”

South Eastern Amateur Radio Group

The next general meeting will take place at 8.30 p.m. on Monday the 31st of August.

Please Note: Both Committee and General meetings take place on the last Monday of each month. Committee meetings take place at 8.00 p.m. and the general meeting follows at 8.30 p.m. General meetings are open to all members and visitors are very welcome.


It is envisaged that the net on the 21st of each month will be a digital mode training net.

DX News

7O1YGF – Yemen approved for DXCC

The following operation has been approved for DXCC: 7O1YGF – Yemen. Operation from April 16, 2000 through April 26, 2000.

After reviewing recently received information regarding the 7O1YGF operation and after additional dialogue with a leader of the DXpedition, the DXCC desk has approved this operation.


For Full details of upcoming Rallies please check the IRTS Web page.

This week in History

1877 Thomas A. Edison finished figuring out his first phonograph.

1893 France is first country to introduce car registration plates.

1907 The first taxicab took to the streets of New York City.

1919 E.Fisk demos radiotelephony for the first time in Sydney, Australia.

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