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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday 5th April 2009


The IRTS AGM weekend, which is hosted by the Shannon Basin Radio Club, takes place on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th April 2009. The venue is the Shamrock Lodge Hotel Athlone, which boasts ample car parking space and the best facilities around.

Tickets for the annual dinner are now available from Brian Canning EI8IU, Brian can be contacted on 086 2514822 of via email from brianei8iu /at/

There will also be a Rally and Annual Gereral Meeting, for further details in relation to the dinner or rally please contact Brian EI8IU, Tony EI6DL, or Pat EI9HX There is also lots more information available on the AGM weekend from the IRTS website.


The IRTS Awards Manager Peter EI4HX is seeking Nominations for IRTS awards. The awards available are for SWL, Construction, and Service.

There are no nominations as yet for Service or Merit. Please send your nominations to Peter EI4HX at the following email address. <ei4hxperimental /at/>

Licence Renewals

Arising from our meeting with ComReg on 12 February and in the context of the commencement in the near future of the issue of Lifetime Licences, ComReg has agreed to accept applications for renewal of currently lapsed licences under the existing arrangements up to Friday 17th April 2009.

All applications for renewal of lapsed licences should be made on the ComReg Application Form 02/04R3 (available on the ComReg website at, quoting the relevant licence reference number (LER) or Call-Sign and be accompanied by payment of all outstanding fees. In this instance ComReg, in departure from standard procedure, is prepared to reinstate the old Callsign on renewal of the licences.

Applicants should however include a letter giving a brief explanation as to why the usual reminders which may have been received from ComReg were not responded to. If you are aware of anyone to whom this item is relevant please bring it to their attention.

It should be noted that following the introduction of Lifetime Licences all applications for new licences, whether previously licensed or not, will be required to pay the lifetime licence fee for new applicants of €100.

HF Band Plan

Band Plans are modified from time to time to reflect changes in international regulations and in operating requirements. A new HF band plan comes into effect in IARU Region 1 - which includes Ireland - on Sunday 29th March. The new band plan takes account of the fact that, under international regulations, the segment 7100 to 7200 kHz will be upgraded to 'amateur primary' from that date.

The principal changes incorporated in the new band plan are in the 40 metre band, with exclusive CW now extended to 7040 kHz, and two SSB contest preferred segments - from 7060 to 7100 kHz and from 7130 to 7200 kHz.

Priority for intercontinental operation will now be in the segment 7175 to 7200 kHz. Revised centres of activity for SSB QRP and emergency traffic are also included in the new band plan.

SSB operators should note in particular that the new band plan indicates lowest dial settings for LSB Voice mode of 1843, 3603 and 7053 kHz

A copy of the new band plan may be downloaded from the downloads page of the IRTS web site

'500 kHz Permissions

Arising from our meeting on 12 February, ComReg has agreed to allow IRTS to seek expressions of interest for a limited number of permissions to operate in the region of 500 kHz under a licence to be issued to IRTS.

Expressions of interest are being sought equally from both non IRTS and IRTS members. Stations to which permissions are issued will have to send regular reports to IRTS consisting of their experience of propagation, type of propagation used, noise experienced and methodology used on this band so that these can be coordinated and periodic reports submitted to ComReg.

Participants will be expected to keep a separate full detailed log of all experiments conducted.

It should be noted that only a relatively small number of permissions will be granted and expressions of interest should only be made by those in a position to carry out realistic propagation experiments in this part of the spectrum.

An form on which to submit to IRTS an expression of interest is available on the IRTS website at The final decision on the issue of permits will of course rest with ComReg as the statutory licensing authority.

Bus to IRTS AGM & Friedrichschafen

Tony Liddy EI9IL is putting on a bus for anyone who wishes to travel to the AGM in Athlone. The bus will depart from Limerick City on Saturday or Sunday depending on numbers. Tony is also considering running a bus to Friedrichschafen in June with lots of space for anyone wanting to bring goodies back! Tony can be contacted on 087-9912341


In preparation for GlobalSET on the 18th of April which is also World Amateur Radio Day 2009, the AREN net on the 7th of March will be a voice net. The message format will be circulated prior to the event to AREN Members. Anyone requiring further information should contact John EI7IG at 0868167310.

International Marconi Day 2009

Saturday, April 25th marks the 135th anniversary of the birth of Marconi. To mark the occasion the Cornish Radio Amateur Club will be holding its 22nd annual International Marconi Day event and many stations with historic connections with Marconi will be active on that date. This is not a contest but several classes of awards are available for making QSOs with the special Award Stations. There are also SWL awards to be claimed.

The Howth Martello Radio Group (EI0MAR) is an Award Station and will be QRV during the event from the vintage radio museum in Howth. This is a twenty-four hour event but EI0MAR will concentrate activities from 9am until 5pm local time, and visitors will be welcome during those hours. To coincide with the special event, the North Dublin Radio Club will hold its weekly meeting at the same QTH from 8pm the same evening. EI0MAR's web site is For more information about the event including a listing of award stations visit

South Dublin Radio Club

The following members ware elected to the committee at the recent South Dublin Radio Club AGM. Tom Mc Grath EI7HT,Jim Holohan EI4HH,Paul Eustace EI2GSB,Dave Court EI3IO,Daniel Cussen EI9FHB,Jim Armstrong EI8JR and Nicky Mullally EI9JF.

Upcoming talks at South Dublin Radio Club

7th April A bit of history on the IARU by Sean Nolan EI7CD.

28th April Television production techniques by Jim Holohan EI4HH.

11th May “Logbook of the World” & by Dave Court EI3IO.

The clubs website is southdublinradioclub dot ie which has directions and meeting locations.

Shannon Basin Radio Club

The Shannon Basin Radio Club are having their next meeting in the Shamrock Lodge Hotel Athlone (This Afternoon) Sunday 5th April at 16:00. All members are asked to attend.


Mid Ulster Amateur Radio Club

The Mid Ulster Amateur Radio Club will be hosting a rally on the 9th May 09 at Brownlow Resource Centre, Craigavon, Co Armagh.

More details are available at, or email the club secretary at cqmuarc /at/

History this week

1938: On the 8th April 1938 the International Radio Conference in Cairo concluded. This conference was significant for radio amateurs as it started the process, which continued over the following 2 conferences (Atlantic City 1947 & Geneva 1959) and a period of 20 years, of the slow nibbling away at the 40 meter amateur band and re-allocating the spectrum to broadcasting.

Last Sunday (29th March 2009), with the decision of WRC2003 coming into force, amateurs after half a century regained spectrum they were first allocated in the Washington City conference of 1927.

Items for inclusion in next weeks Radio News should be forwarded to Charlie EI8JB, via e-mail to “charlie dot Carolan at gmail dot com” Or by phone to 087-6265418 News can also be submitted via e-mail to “newsteam at irts dot ie” for automatic forwarding to both the radio and printed news services.

Please note that items for the radio news should reach the editor no later than midday on Thursday in order to be guaranteed inclusion in the following Sunday’s bulletin.


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