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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday 19th October 2008

Exam Material

Anyone studying for the forthcoming theory examination - or indeed any experimenter who wants to learn more - should note that the IRTS website has links to numerous sources of information about radio theory.

Exam candidates will no doubt have a copy of the "Examination Notes and Sample Paper", available on the Downloads Page. This document includes a copy of the full HAREC syllabus. The Downloads page also includes other useful reading material such as the handbook "Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur" (mentioned in a recent radio news bulletin) and copies of IARU band plans.

The page "Where do I Start?" has some key links - including details of how to order the CD-based "Radio Experimenter's Examination Course Guide" as well as links to ComReg's Experimenters Pages, which are well worth a visit. Finally, we suggest browsing to the "Radio Theory" page, which has over 20 links to sites containing a wealth of relevant information, including sample examination papers. While the range and complexity of topics covered in some of these sites is beyond the requirements of the HAREC Syllabus, they do include some very helpful material.

New IRTS Web Site Link

The IRTS web site now includes a "DX-related" page, which has links for those interested in DXing.

Global Simulated Emergency Test November 2008

The next IARU EmComm Party on the Air is scheduled for Saturday the 8th of November between 0400 and 0800 hours UTC. The time of each exercise changes to allow more stations to participate from around the world as well as recognising that emergencies can happen at any time

This is an exercise between stations interested in emergency communications and is not a contest. Activity will be concentrated around the IARU Emergency Centre of Activity frequencies whdich are 3760, 7060, 14300 and 21360 kHz.

New Sunspot

A"new-cycle" sunspot belonging to Solar Cycle 24 is emerging near the sun's north eastern limb. This is the third time in as many weeks that a new-cycle sunspot has interrupted the year's remarkable run of blank suns.

The accelerating pace of new-cycle sunspot production is an encouraging sign that, while solar activity remains very low, the sunspot cycle is unfolding more or less normally. We are not stuck in a permanent solar minimum. Readers with solar telescopes should train them on the sun this weekend to observe sunspot genesis in action.

RSGB Says 73 to 40m HF News Reader

GB2RS News Reader Jimmy Porter has been reading the RSGB news from his Derry station for over 50 Years. Jimmy whose call is GI3GGY has had to reluctantly step down from reading the 40m news due to his 16 element log periodic antenna being damaged by gales.

As Jimmy can not get the structure repaired he has had to step down however he will be reading the local news on 2m in the Derry area with his assistant June GI4MJD.

SSTV from Space

The International Space Station Amateur Radio Gallery has now started to show pictures received from around the world of the test images being sent by the ISS. They can be seen at The ISS SSTV pictures are transmitted on 145.800 MHz FM.

They should be receivable on an Amateur Radio 2 metre handheld or a scanner radio connected to an external quarter wave ground plane or discone antenna. If your radio has different filter settings for 12.5 kHz and 25 kHz FM then select the 25 kHz filter for best results.

China to Launch its first Hamsat

Originally knows CAS-1 but now known as XW-1. XW-1 will carry a beacon and three cross band transponders into space. One is for FM, another is linear, and the last is designed for digital operation.

Plans call for it to be launched by a CZ-2C rocket into a sun synchronous orbit in June 2009,from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre in North China.

Recession hits Amateur Radio

French Amateur Radio Magazine, Megahertz has gone QRT. It closed due to market factors, production and distribution costs. Megahertz has been in production for 26 years.


24-25 October: Amateur Radio Show Donington Park, Leicester Details

1-2 November: North Wales Radio Society 22nd North Wales Amateur Radio Show Llandudno Radio Rally The new site is the brand new John Bright high school in Llandudno.

2nd November: Foyle & District Amateur Radio Club Annual Rally in The White Horse Hotel Campsie, Londonderry Doors open at 11:30 a.m. for Disabled access Main event at 12-noon info

Sunday 23rd November: Mayo Radio Rally, Belmont Hotel, Knock, Co. Mayo. Doors open at 11:30 a.m. Rally Director, Padraic Baynes, EI9JA info

DX Bulletins

Swaziland, JOTA18-19 October David GI4FUM / EI4DJ will be active from Swaziland using the call 3DA0SS- Swazi Scouts. There will be a group of 20 Swazi scouts experiencing JOTA for the first time. QSL via GI4FUM - see 3DA0DJ details on “QRZ dot com”


Activity this weekend will be on these frequencies.

80 meters -- 3.690 and 3.940 MHz (SSB), 3.570 MHz (CW) 40 meters -- 7.090 and 7.190 MHz (SSB), 7.030 MHz (CW) 20 meters -- 14.290 MHz (SSB), 14.060 MHz (CW) 17 meters -- 18.140 MHz (SSB), 18.080 MHz (CW) 15 meters -- 21.360 MHz (SSB), 21.140 MHz (CW) 12 meters -- 24.960 MHz (SSB), 24.910 MHz (CW) 10 meters -- 28.390 MHz (SSB), 28.180 MHz (CW) 6 meters -- 50.160 MHz (SSB), 50.160 MHz (CW)

Contest News

One of the major international contests of the year - the CQ WW DX SSB Contest - takes place over the weekend of 25th/26th October. This contest always attracts considerable interest in Ireland, and a number of competitive EI and GI stations are expected to be active. The contest is on all bands, except for WARC bands, so expect the SSB portion of most bands to be busy over next weekend

Swaziland, 25-26 October David GI4FUM / EI4DJ will be active during CQWW SSB from the former IRTS AFRI75 Dxpedition site & antenna farm in Hawane using the call 3DA0DJ. The 3DA0DJ call will be active from 18-28 October QSL via GI4FUM - see 3DA0DJ details on “QRZ dot com”

Items for inclusion in next weeks Radio News should be forwarded to Charlie EI8JB, via e-mail to “charlie dot Carolan at gmail dot com. Or by phone to 087-6265418

News can also be submitted via e-mail to “newsteam at irts dot ie” for automatic forwarding to both the radio and printed news services. Please note that items for the radio news should reach the editor no later than midday on Friday in order to be guaranteed inclusion in the following Sunday’s bulletin.


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