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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday August 17th 2003

Brendan Trophy Press Release

The Brendan Trophies called after Brendan the Navigator were instituted in 1995 under the auspices of the Irish Radio Transmitters' Society when a group of amateurs from EI, GW and G secured the agreement of Waterford Glass to donate two inscribed Waterford Crystal Cut Glass Vases. The trophies are to be awarded to the first two stations to establish two-way communication across the Atlantic on the two-metre band.

An application was made by e-mail on 17 June 2002 by Alexander Dutkewych N2PIG and Debra Dutkewych VA3PIG for the award of the trophies on the basis of "a full two-way exchange, across the Atlantic Ocean, on the Two Metre Amateur Radio Band". The applicants indicated that the claimed contact had taken place on 19 March 2002. The time was subsequently confirmed as being between 2215 and 2246 UTC.

Alex's station was located at the Captain's Inn, Old Perlican, Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland in QRA GN38lC. The station comprised an Icom 970A transceiver and a Command Technologies Linear running about 700 watts PEP to a nine-element yagi at an azimuth of 066 degrees true.

Debra's station was located at Allaghee Mor, Ballinskelligs, Iveragh Peninsula, Co Kerry, Ireland in QRA IO41UT. The station comprised an Icom 910 H transceiver and a Linear Amp UK Discovery amplifier running 400 watts PEP to a nine-element yagi at an azimuth of 269 degrees true. The mode used was FSK441 (WSJT).

The Irish Radio Transmitters' Society immediately set up an Awards Panel under the relevant Rules comprising Sean Nolan EI7CD, Chairman, Paul Martin EI2CA and Joe Fadden EI3IX. On 26 June the Awards Panel wrote to the applicants by e-mail indicating that while the application was received just within the three month time period prescribed by the Rules it did not set out clearly the evidence of a valid contact which was relied on to substantiate their claim nor did it contain precise details of the claimed contact or include the signed Declaration of Honesty required by the Rules.

However, in the true spirit of amateur radio and since the applicants e-mail indicated that they were prepared to substantiate the claim by full elaboration of the events, the Awards Panel decided, as an exceptional matter, to accept the e-mail of 17 June as a provisional application. This was subject to the submission of a fully detailed claim, including all necessary evidence and the required signed Declaration of Honesty within six weeks of our letter of 26 June 2002. Despite two further e-mails from the Awards Panel nothing further was heard from the applicants by the time the six-week period expired on 6 August 2002. The full extensive documentation relating to the claim was finally received on 22 August 2002.

The Awards Panel, having fully considered the matter decided thatThe application did not comply with the provisions of Rule 6 of the relevant Rules even as exceptionally applied in this case and accordingly could not be accepted as a valid application. Even if this were not the case the level of proof being provided was not sufficient. The awards panel had sympathy with the difficulties that the applicants indicated they had encountered with computer files and even allowed ample time for any possible recovery. The Panel, however, had to come to its decision objectively, based on the merits of the application as submitted.

The Panel also appreciates the efforts that the applicants put into their experiments and realise the disappointment that the decision must have been to Debra and Alex.

The Panel is also aware of a number of attempts by other experimenters and appreciates their efforts also. Many of these efforts are ongoing and we feel sure that before long the Brendan Trophies will find a home.

New Repeater in EI

A new 2 metre repeater has been brought in to service in EI. On Sunday August the 10th, the East Cork Repeater EI2ECR was installed at Helvick Head near Dungarvan. The East Cork crew of Neil EI3JE, Jerry EI6BT and Jim EI8GS met on site with John EI8JA, Eoin EI7FXB, Nicky EI3JB and Jim EI8IG from the South Eastern Amateur Radio Group and they jointly carried out a successful installation.

Special mention is due to Nicky EI3JB who spent many hours up the tower installing the aerials and cables. The repeater is fitted in its own cabinet with separate receive and transmit aerials fed with LDF500 and mounted at 100 and 90 feet on the tower.

Congratulations to Neil EI3JE who was responsible for the whole project. It operates on 145.675 MHz and requires 2 seconds of audio to latch open. Timeout is 4 minutes. It is providing good coverage, particularly to the east and into the UK and is also very strong to the west along the coast. Reception reports to Neil EI3JE via e-mail to

Transatlantic Model Plane attempt

The TAM-5 Model aeroplane which we reported on recently has successfully landed at the Alcock and Brown monument near their 1919 landing place on Roundstone Bog in Co. Galway. More details of this amazing achievement will be available in next weeks new. For more details and photographs, go to;

Belgium to drop HF Morse requirement

Recently it was reported that the RSGB announced that there is no longer a requirement to have passed a Morse code test in order to operate on the HF bands in the UK.

Belgium has become the latest country to allow CEPT Class 2 amateurs access to the HF bands without the need to complete a Morse Code test. It has been reported that Belgian Class 2 amateurs, who hold ON1 callsigns, may start using the HF bands from effective from the 4th of August. It is expected that more countries will follow suit shortly.

SSB Field Day

Following the recent successful running of the CW Field Day in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary, it has been decided by the IRTS committee to look into the possibility of holding the HF SSB Field day at a central location on the 6th and 7th of September. In order to proceed with plans for the Field Day it is necessary to gauge interest from Clubs.

Clubs interested in taking part in the Field Day at a central location should contact the Contest Manager Noel Walsh EI2JC at QTHR or by email to by Friday the 1st of August. The event will only proceed if sufficient numbers express interest. Details of the event will be discussed with the Clubs involved.

South Dublin Radio Club

The next meeting of South Dublin Radio Club will take place on Tuesday the 19th of August, at the usual time of 8.00 p.m. Visitors and new members are always welcome. The club meets on Tuesdays at 8.00 p.m. at the Ballyroan Community Centre, Marian Road, Rathfarnham.

4 Metre Activity

Recently, we reported that Denmark had been allocated the 3 spot frequencies on the 4 metre band. It has now been reported that Croatian amateurs will also soon gain access to the 4-metre band. An announcement is to be made in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia, and it is expected that the first licences will be issued at the end of September next. The proposed band is 70.000 to 70.450 MHz with Secondary Allocation Status. A number of modes will be permitted at a maximum power of 10 watts ERP.

A 70 MHz activity afternoon is planned for Saturday the 30th of August. The event is being organised by Rob Mannion G3XFD/EI5IW and he hopes to work many EI's over the afternoon from his QTH in Dorset. Those interest in taking part are asked to e-mail Rob at and he will return an e-mail detailing a list of those planning to be active and proposed frequencies etc.

South Eastern Amateur Radio Group

The 2 metre voice repeater EI2WRC at Mt. Leinster will be off air for the next couple of weeks for essential maintenance and upgrade. In the meantime, the IRTS Radio news from Waterford each Tuesday night will be read on 145.575 MHz. Updates will be announced in coming weeks.

The EI2WRB Beacon is operational from Donnells Hill, Portlaw, Co. Waterford. It was set up on Sunday the 20th of July last. It can be heard on 144.403 MHz. The UHF frequency 432.870 is not yet operational. Reports are welcome to or to John EI8JA at QTHR.

The next general meeting of the group will take place at 8.00 p.m. on Wednesday the 27th of August in the Roanmore Social and Sports Club, Cleaboy Road, Waterford. All are welcome.

Counties Contest

The Autumn leg of the EI Counties Contest will take place on Sunday the 31st August 2003.

New 70cm Tropo Distance Record Claimed

On the 31st of July last, Reg G8VHI, worked EB8AYA on 70cm at a distance of 2966 kilometres and Reg is claiming this as a new IARU Region 1 tropo DX record. The record was made using a TS-2000 transceiver with 100 watt amplifier to two 23-element Yagis.

DX News

DL6KVA will be active as 4K0CW from Baku, Azerbaijan, between the 4th and 17th of August this year. Activity will be on CW only, typically in his night time hours, after 2100 UTC.

JH3PAS will operate as 9N7AS from Nepal from the 11th to the 19th of August. He will be active on HF CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31, and plans to concentrate most of the operation on 30 metres.

Items for inclusion in next weeks Radio News should be forwarded Mark Wall EI7IS. He can be contacted on 087-6302026. News can also be submitted via e-mail to for automatic forwarding to both the radio and printed news services.


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