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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday April 27th 2003

South Dublin Radio Club

Helping to put at least five counties on the air for the Easter Monday 2 metre Counties Contest, members of South Dublin Radio Club decided to spread themselves around the country for the contest. There were six separate entries from SDR members: Nicholas EI2JL and Joe EI7GY activated the club call from Bencroy, County Leitrim. Kyle EI9FGB braved the elements by participating in the contest from the summit of Tonlagee (which is 817 metres above sea level) in County Wicklow, the elements in question included driving rain and a thunderstorm, which forced Kyle to cease operating for twenty minutes. Meanwhile, Mike EI4JL was on the Ox Mountains in County Sligo. Tom EI7HT operated from his home QTH in Dublin, where he was accompanied by Richie EI1402. Also operating in Dublin was Tony EI9FIB, while Mark EI9IB operated from his home QTH in County Kildare.

Terenure Rally

The Terenure rally will take place in the Terenure college concert hall on the 25th of May doors open at 12.00 O'clock. For tables please contact George EI2CPB on 4908546 or leave message on 086 2586103. There will be the normal refreshments available. Details are also available by e-mailing

2 Metre counties Contest

Participants in the Spring 2m counties contest which took place on Easter Monday should note that the closing date for receipt of logs is Wed 22nd May 2003.All logs must be e-mailed or post-marked by this date. Late entries will not be accepted.

The Contest Manager requests that you send your log as soon as possible so as to facilitate the timely preparation of the results. Your attention is drawn to Rule 8.2 of the counties contest, which requires a brief summary of the station location & equipment, final claimed score, names and callsign of ops and most importantly the section entered. Logs without this information are liable to be disqualified.

Logs should be checked for simple handwriting or typing mistakes which can lead to an unnecessary loss of points. Logs should be emailed to or Postal logs should be sent to IRTS Counties Contest, PO Box 462, Dublin 9 or Noel Walsh EI2JC at QTHR. Logs received by email will be acknowledged soon after receipt, Postal entrants requiring acknowledgement should enclose a stamped addressed envelope or postcard.

Tipperary Amateur Radio Group

The next meeting of the Tipperary Amateur Radio Group will be held in the Raheen House Hotel, Clonmel on Thursday next the 1st of May. Group members Tommy EI2IT, Eddie EI3FFB, and Paul EI3ENB operated EI7T/P from south Kilkenny last Sunday for the Counties Contest while John EI2JB operated EI7TRG/P from Co. Tipperary, many other members of the Group were heard on air giving out valuable points from their various locations.


Peter EI4HX had a busy day in the counties contest operating as EI4HX/P from Co. Cavan. Conditions were fair with lots of stations on the band with over 50 stations worked and personal record of 26 Counties. 4 metre activity revealed ten stations heard, 7 worked on AM and cross mode to FM including counties Antrim, Carlow, Dublin, Louth and Mayo.

Space News

Space veterans Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko, RK3DUP, and NASA astronaut Ed Lu, KC5WKJ, head into space this weekend to assume the reins of the International Space Station (ISS) as its Expedition 7 crew. Crew commander Malenchenko, 41, and NASA ISS Science Officer Lu, 39, will be the first two-person ISS crew increment and the first primary crew to travel to the space station on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Their Soyuz TMA-2 vehicle is scheduled to launch on April the 26th at approximately 0354 UTC from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. They'll arrive aboard the ISS on April the 28th. The crews will spend six days on the ISS.

Digital Radio Mondiale

After some years of gathering a consortium, prototyping and testing, Digital Radio Mondiale has announced an official launch at the World Radio Conference in Geneva, in June.

Digital Radio Mondiale, or DRM is the worlds only non proprietary, digital broadcasting system for the frequencies below 30 MHz with the ability to use existing frequencies and bandwidth world-wide. With near-FM quality sound, DRM hopes to revitalise the AM broadcasting bands world-wide.

DX News

4Z4DX, will be active on 160 to 6 metres CW and digital modes as 9N7DX from Nepal from until the 12th of May.

F8CFU plans activity as FO/F8CFU from the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia and Tubuai Island in the Austral Islands until the 16th of May. Tuamotu Archipelago counts as OC-066 for the RSGB Islands on the Air awards and Tubuai Island counts as OC-152.

Dalkey Island Group

Keith Martin EI4JM from the Dalkey Island Contest Group will be stationed in Afghanistan, for the next year. He is working with the aid agency Concern, looking after their HF communications and computer IT systems. He hopes to be QRV on the amateur frequencies once he gets his YA licence sorted out. Despite some recent operations, YA is still on the DXCC most wanted list. He also expects to be QRV from Tajikistan, EY8. Further information will be available as it becomes available.

Dalkey Island Contest Group plans to be QRV from the Aran Islands for this year's IOTA contest in July. Sean, EI4GK, and his group who have activated this island group for this contest for the past number of years have other plans, so the Dalkey crew have decided to step into the breech and try their luck from the west.

Items for inclusion in next weeks Radio News should be forwarded Mark Wall EI7IS. He can be contacted on 087-6302026. News can also be submitted via e-mail to for automatic forwarding to both the radio and printed news services.


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