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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday November 18th 2001

Tipperary Amateur Radio Group

The AGM of the Tipperary Amateur Radio Group was held on Wednesday the 7th of November in Raheen House Hotel, Clonmel. The AGM was very well attended with the majority of the membership present. The meeting was called to order by the chairman Hugh O'Donnell EI2HI. Secretary John Burke EI2JB read the minutes of the 2000 AGM followed by Treasurer Tommy Hallinan EI2IT presenting his report detailing the financial affairs of the Club during the year.

Hugh EI2HI then addressed the meeting giving a full review of the clubs' activities during the year and thanked the committee and general membership for their contributions to the club throughout the year. The committee for the coming year was the elected as follows; Chairman: John Burke EI2JB,Secretary: Noel Walsh EI2JC, Treasurer: Tommy Hallinan EI2IT, Vice-Chair: Ron McGrath EI6GO and PRO Paul Norris EI3ENB. Club members taking on other duties include: Marie Kelly-QSL manager, Eddie EI7FFB - Group Librarian. Local IRTS News readers are Gerry EI5HJ, Liam EI7FE and Tommy EI2IT. A special mention was given to John EI3DIB and Hugh EI2HI both of whom are taking a break from official club duties after many years of sterling service.

Fingal Radio Club EI2FRC

The officers for the year 2001 / 2002 were elected at the first meeting of the new committee on Monday the 5th of November. Henry Boyle EI9BW Chairman,Liam Murphy EI3HK Hon. Secretary and Christopher Yeates EI7AAB Hon. Treasurer. Three members of the club, Sean EI7CV, George EI7EC and Chris EI7AAB, together with Gerry EI9DZ traveled to North Wales on Friday evening to be on time for the start of the Radio Rally on the Saturday morning in Llandudno. Many friends old and new were contacted and a few small bargains as well were made. A meal in the restaurant on the HSS on the return trip finished off a delightful short trip.

The club is holding a "Bring & Buy" sale on Saturday the 24th of November in their club rooms in Erins Isle GAA Club, Farnham Drive, Finglas from 13.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs. All are welcome. There will be no cover charge for buyers. Sellers will pay £2.50p for a space of 2.5 feet on a table. Sellers will stay with their gear until sold and there will be no commission due to the club. All sellers will be expected to take any unsold gear home with them. This is probably the last ham sale with pounds as prices. Anyone wishing to bring items along should contact Liam EI3HK on 087 252 1542 or Chris EI7AAB on 086 355 2891 or by e-mail to

WAI Counties Award

The WAI counties award requires all 32 counties be worked in the year 2001. As the year draws to a close many WAI hunters need only 1 or 2 counties to achieve all 32 needed. Many are trying to achieve the award working only fixed stations. Some of the counties in short supply include Offaly,Laois, Waterford, Meath, Cavan, Sligo, Monaghan and Carlow. If you live in one of these counties please call into the WAI net on 7.068MHz on Sunday morning after the Nuacht at 11.30, you will be in great demand, and may qualify some stations for the award.

Cork Radio Club

Members of Cork Radio Club joined by other amateur visitors had a very enjoyable visit recently to the RTE Radio Museum, which is located in the Old Women?s Prison in Cork. The club was welcomed by Larry EI8FJB who is responsible for supervising the display and by Diarmuid and Mary Kennelly who are the owners. The many old Radio's and equipment for outside broadcasts as well as many other artifacts aroused great interest. The museum also contains the old studios of 2CK, which was the old callsign of the radio station,which followed 2RN in Dublin. After refreshments which were provided for the group, Finbarr EI1CS thanked Larry and the Kenneallys for a most enjoyable evening. It is well worth a visit for any amateurs on a visit to the city. Cork Radio Club sends their congratulations to Neil Tomkins on getting his new callsign, EI8FUB.

New Belgium Award

The Belgian IARU society UBA proudly presents The OQ Award at the occasion of the birth of H.R.H. Princess Elisabeth, born on October 25th, 2001. Belgian stations are entitled to use the special prefix OQ till the end of this year. Every radio amateur and SWL is encouraged to apply for this commemorative certificate. The requirements are that you work or hear stations using the OQ prefix between October the 26th and December the 31st, 2001. On HF, Belgians need at least 15 different stations, including at least 4 different prefixes. On VHF/UHF Belgians need at least 20 different stations,including at least 6 different prefixes. Other Europeans need at least 7 different stations, including at least 3 different prefixes. All others need at least 5 different stations, including at least 2 different prefixes.

There are no band restrictions, but repeater contacts are invalid. All modes, except packet radio may be used. A picture of the award can be found at Send your log extract + the fee of $5.00 no later than February the 28th, 2002 to: UBA Award Manager, Egbert Hertsen, ON4CAS, Postbus 85, Mechelen 2, B-2800 Mechelen, Belgium.

The 100th Anniversary of Historic Transmission

Amateur Radio operators from the Marconi Radio Club, W1AA and The Falmouth Amateur Radio Association are making plans to celebrate a Marconi world historical event. December 12th, 2001 will mark the 100th anniversary of the first Trans-Atlantic radio transmission by Guglielmo Marconi. That signal was a series of "S S S" transmitted on CW across the Atlantic from Poldhu, Cornwall England to St John's, Newfoundland. The Marconi Radio Club will be using the call sign W1AA/CC and will be operating from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, U.S.A. the location of Marconi's 1903 Trans-Atlantic radio station. Marconi's 1903 call sign was "C C". See the following link for times, frequencies and modes of operation for W1AA/CC.

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