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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday September 16th 2001

Attack on America

The ARRL has reported that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has closed its offices and sent its employees home in the wake of the attacks on New York City, Washington, DC and elsewhere on the 11th of September last. The ARRL has advised radio amateurs to stay alert to instructions from local authorities. US air traffic was shut down after two airliners struck the twin towers of the World Trade Centre. The buildings towers collapsed as a result of the collisions. An aircraft subsequently crashed into the Pentagon, and another aircraft crashed near Pittsburgh. More than 260 died in the crashes. Thousands were believed injured in New York City; there's no estimate on the number killed.

New York/Long Island Section Emergency Co-ordinator Tom Carrubba, KA2D said that there has been no request for any amateur Radio Emergency Service response at the time, although amateurs have been requested to assist the American Red Cross. New York's City's emergency management offices are located in the World Trade Centre. He said that he was alerting all amateurs, especially ARES and Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service personnel, to get prepared and to stand by. Carruba reported that he was not hearing any traffic from New York City amateurs on their TAC1 VHF frequency. "All land-line circuits are jammed," he said. "We are all on standby."

Kenneth Goetz N2SQW, reported that New York State RACES is operational on 3.9935 and 7.248 MHz handling emergency and governmental type traffic. He asked amateurs to avoid these frequencies. In the Washington, DC area, Virginia SEC Tom Gregory , N4NW, said that Virginia ARES has been put on alert. Gregory added that all repeaters would be available as well as 7.243 MHz and 3.947 MHz on HF. Virginia RACES reportedly had been activated at the state emergency operations center in Richmond. The Federal government has activated its SHARES HF emergency communications System. ( courtesy ARRL )

It is reported that the following emergency net frequencies for New York City are 14.220, 14.224 and 14.326 MHz. These rare Health and Welfare emergency traffic nets.

At this moment our thoughts are with the American People and we wish the best to the many American Radio Amateurs who will undoubtedly play a major role in the times ahead.

South Eastern Amateur Radio Group

The EI2WRC-2 2m digipeater and EI2WRC-7 70cm digipeater are back on-air having being repaired after being damaged recently by lightning. The nodes, currently on test , are located at Helvick Head, near Dungarvan, Co Waterford. Some technical problems may occur and will be ironed out in the coming weeks. Reports should be sent to or by phone to 087-6302026.

UK Licencing

Important Announcements on the future of UK Amateur Licencing will be made at the Leicester Amateur Radio Show on the 21th and 22th of September.

Rally News

Phoenix Amateur Radio Club Euro Rally will be held at the Coolmine Community School on Sunday the 24th of February 2002. Doors open at 11 AM and admittance fee is 3 euros. Traders wishing to book table space, please contact Tom EI2AJ at QTHR or Clubrooms (meetings are on Thursday at 8PM).

Power Line Internet Access

Local electric utility companies in Germany launched what vendors say are the world's first commercial services for high speed Internet access via the electrical power lines, a potential competitor to Digital Subscriber Line and cable. Another Commercial launch is planned in Sweden later this year, as is a trial for similar services in the Netherlands. Earlier attempts to provide this type of service through the electrical outlet were hampered by technical problems. Now, however, the companies behind the commercial rollouts say that they have solved problems such as Electromagnetic incompatibility, created by transmitters and high-frequency transmission on the power line. Other problems that have been solved include line noise, caused by various devices connected to the [power grid. It is claimed that communication on the unshielded power lines does make them emit radio frequency signals that can interfere with radio transmissions. Germany is said to be the only country that has regulated the emission level. Alarming levels of interference were reported at trials in 1998 in England.

ISS Expedition 3 Crew conducts it's first School Contact Pupils at Seabrook Intermediate School in Texas got their new school year off to a start by speaking with the International Space Station via amateur radio. The contact which took place on the 4th of September last was carried out as part of the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station program (ARISS) Crew commander Frank Culbertson , KD5OPQ, operated for the first of what's hoped will be several school contacts during the crew's four-month stay aboard the ISS. The pupils spoke with the astronauts about life aboard the ISS. Sandy Peck, the school's science co-ordinator, said some of her students are hoping to attend an amateur radio licensing class in the spring. For more information, visit the ARISS Web site at

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