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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday September 2nd 2001

South Dublin Radio Club

SDR members Nicholas EI5FLB, Mark EI7FNB and Joe EI7GY activated the club call during the recent Counties Contest. The QTH was the Ridge of Cappard, County Laois, from where much of the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains are clearly visible. Coming after the enforced absence from the hills in April, because of Foot and Mouth restrictions, and helped by the excellent weather, the SDR crew made more than 50 contacts on a combination of FM and SSB. The antennas used were a 13 element Tonna, horizontally polarised, and a 7 element ZL-Special as the vertical antenna.

Shannon Basin Radio Club

The Shannon Basin Radio Club EI2SBC will be recommencing their meetings after the summer, on Tuesday the 4th of September at 2830 hrs in the Royal Hotel, Roscommon. Anyone interested in Radio is welcome to attend.

Dalkey Island Contest Group

Paul, EI2CA, and others of the Dalkey Island Contest Group, will be QRV from some rare WAI squares on Lough Ree and the North Shannon next Saturday and Sunday the 8th and 9th of September. Look for them on the usual WAI frequencies on 40 and 20 metres and around the news frequency on 80 metres. The crew will be operating from a vintage 1930's timber river cruiser and hope to be flying their infamous kite suspended long wire antenna. The callsign will be EI2CA/P.

Rally News

The Cork Radio Club Rally will take place on September the 16th 2001 at the Blarney Park Hotel, Blarney, Co.Cork. Doors open at 11 a.m. and admission is £3.00.

For more information, contact Dick EI6HH at 021 454 5154.

Phoenix Amateur Radio Club Euro Rally will be held at the Coolmine Community School on Sunday the 24th of February 2002. Traders wishing to book table space, please contact Tom EI2AJ at QTHR or Clubrooms (meetings are on Thursday at 8 p.m.).

Solar Flare

Sunspot group AR9591 unleashed a powerful X5 Class Solar Flare at 1645 UTC on the 25th of August last. The resultant expanding shock wave triggered an hour-long radio blackout over parts of Europe, Africa, and the Americas when it hit Earth's magnetosphere. It also hurled a brilliant halo coronal mass ejection into space. There was mild to medium consternation on the Waterford repeater after this event on Saturday afternoon, the question everyone was asking was "Can you hear anything on HF?" There was some relief to hear that at least no one else was hearing anything either, but there followed some frantic antenna and radio checks. Callers to this net included John EI8JA, Jim EI8IG David Ei7FYB and Noel EI2JC, Noel had just completed a QSO with a 9A station, with 599 reports both ways on 20 metres moments before the Solar event, so there was some head scratching and a bit of panic before checking into the net.

United Kingdom

Now that the UK are at the tail-end of the Foot and Mouth situation and with most country footpaths now open again, the RSGB VHF and HF Contests Committees have announced that 2001 RSGB portable contests on both HF and VHF will resume from the 1st of September. Radio Amateurs are asked to use a code of practice to minimise any risks of spreading the disease, this will remain in force for all RSGB portable contests until further notice.

First 24 GHz Moonbounce QSO

On Saturday, the 18th of August, radio amateurs in Texas and Manitoba completed the first 24 GHz Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) QSO. Microwave enthusiast, Al Ward W5LUA, of Texas, says his QSO with Barry Malowanchuk VE4MA, Manitoba, was the result of several years of effort in trying to optimise antenna gain and receiver sensitivity to make the roughly half-million mile path to the moon and back. The QSO took place at 1417 UTC on 24,192 MHz. After many failed attempts, Ward succeeded last March in hearing 24 GHz EME echoes and documenting them for the first time. Such a feat on 24 GHz is particularly significant because water-vapour absorption of signals peaks at around that frequency. Ward was the recipient of the 2000 ARRL Microwave Development Award. Additional details are on the North Texas Microwave Society Web site at

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