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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday October 1st 2000

Monaghan Rally

The Monaghan radio rally will take place in the Four Seasons Hotel in Monaghan on Sunday the 22nd of October.

Doors will open at 11:30 and all the usual excellent facilities will be available.

VP5T in the CQ WW SSB Contest

Joe Duffin W2ORA has been in touch to tell us that four members of his local radio club in New Jersey will be mounting an expedition to the Turks and Caicos Islands for the CQ Worldwide SSB Contest over the weekend of October the 28th and 29th.

They will be especially looking for EI contacts on all bands and all EI stations making a contact will get a QSL card automatically without having to send a card.

This is a special offer for EI stations only.

So during the contest look out for VP5T. Outside the contest the operators will be using their own callsigns signing portable VP5 and will be active especially on the WARC bands.

The operators will be Ken K2WB, Jack N2VW, Frank WA2VYA and Bruce WA3RHW.

Some DX News

Hrane YT1AD and Dragan Z32AU are active as A35AD and A35AU until October 28.

After Tonga Island, they will be operating as YJ0AD and YJ0AU, between October 28 and November 5th.

They will return to Fiji to be active as 3D2AD and 3D2AU between November 5-10th.

Activity will be on CW and SSB on all HF bands including 6 meters.

QSL via YT1AD and Z32AU.

Geza HA4XG will be active from EU-015 until October 12th as SV9/HA4XG/p. He will work mainly on the WARC bands.

QSL via HA QSL bureau or direct to Call Book Address The Prairie DX Group will mount their 2nd DXpedition between November 18-28th, from Vanuatu and Efate Island (OC-035).

They will be operating at least two stations around the clock and possibly more on 160 to 6 meters SSB, CW, RTTY, SSTV and PSK31.

During the DXpedition, they are planning a sub-trip to one or more of the rarer YJ IOTAs.

In addition to operating from the other islands, they will be participating in the CQ World Wide CW Contest from Vanuatu.

One of their main goals will be to give every amateur the opportunity of working them at least once (and hopefully more often).

The callsign for the DXpedition is to be announced later.

Their QSL route is via N9PD direct (The Prairie DX Group, 1206 Somerset Ave., Deerfield, IL 60035 USA) or via bureau.

Check the Web page at:

Jamboree On The Air

Jamboree On The Air will be held this year over the weekend of October 21st and 22nd.

This is your chance to expose the hobby to the younger generation and you should be making contact soon with your local scout troop.

If you do not want to get involved in setting up a station at the local scout den, why not invite the scouts to visit you in your own shack. This has been quite successful in the past provided the numbers are controlled.

Upcoming Contests

The Oceania DX contests in both SSB and CW will be held in the coming weeks. This is a great chance for smaller stations to work into VK and ZL. The SSB leg will be held next weekend on the 7th and 8th of October and the CW leg will be held on the following weekend on the 14th and 15th.

Two short four hour events, the European Autumn sprints, will also be held soon.

The SSB event will be held on Saturday next October the 7th and the CW event will be on Saturday the 14th.

Both events run from 1500 to 1859 utc.

Two Amateurs die in West Timor Violence

Three United Nations relief workers died on September 6th when a United Nations office in Atambua was stormed by pro-Indonesian militiamen.

Two of the three, Pero Simundza, 9A4SP, of Croatia and Carlos Luis Caceres, KD4SYB were active radio amateurs.

The third person killed was from Ethiopia.

VK radio amateurs set to lose 420-430MHz

The Wireless Institute of Australia has been told by the Australian Communications Authority that the commercialization of spectrum between 420 and 430 MHz is going forward. The WIA says the Amateur Service is "left out in the cold" in the reallocation schemes - initially in Western Australia.

The ACA has indicated that it is under pressure to retrieve the lower end of 70-cm spectrum for the Land Mobile Service in other parts of Australia as well. As a result, the WIA says the 70cm band plan will need to be revised. The 420-430 MHz band currently is designated for repeater inter-linking and amateur television. Australian hams will continue to have 430-450 MHz on a secondary basis.

That includes the Amateur Satellite band 435-438 MHz.

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