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IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday July 23rd 2000

World Radio Sport Team Championship

The results of the World Radio Sport Team Championship recently held in Slovenia have just come to hand. A US team of Dan Street K1TO and Jeff Steinman K5TJ, using the call-sign S584M, retained the title they won in San Francisco in 1996. The pair scored 969 points out of a possible 1000 to lead the 53 two-operator teams from around the world in off and on-the-air events designed to test their contesting skills. The competition included a 20 hour on-air event held over the July8/9th weekend as well as an off-air pile-up tapes competition held prior to the contest. The winning team not only scored most contest points but won the pile-up tapes competition as well. They managed 2234 contacts - more than half on CW - and 364 multipliers during the contest. In second place with 910 points was a Russian team of Igor Booklan RA3AUU and Andrei Karpov RV1AW who used the callsign S587N. Well back in third place with 870 points was a second US team of Doug Grant K1DG and John Dorr K1AR using the callsign S582A.

All 53 teams competing in the event were required to operate with modest equipment running 100 watts on CW and SSB. Each station used a three element Yagi for 10, 15 and 20 meters and a Windom for 40 and 80 meters - all at a height of 40 feet. The objective of the competition was to test operating skills - not to see who could make the most noise!!

Cork Radio Club

Finbarr, EI1CS reports on a recent meeting of the club when members watched a video of the Campbell Is. DXpedition, which was transmitted via the ATV Repeater. A visitor to the club was Tom Grady G6GVI and his xyl. Tom is qrv on ATV mobile and was active through the repeater - making several contacts.

The club recently received a letter from Richard VK2SKY (formerly EI6BTB) who is now resident in Sydney. He is involved with the Gladesville ARC which also is active on ATV. Richard enclosed a videotape of how they use this mode to promote the hobby in VK. He also enclosed some newsletters and promotional sheets about the club. He sends greeting to all his friends in EI.

VK adopts 5 wpm Morse code standard

Australia has become the seventh country to adopt the 5 words per minute Morse code test speed to give full access to the HF amateur bands. Australia is, however, maintaining its Unrestricted Grade licence, that requires the passing of a 10 wpm Morse code test. This is to satisfy the needs of reciprocal licensing agreements - particularly CEPT.

In addition to Australia, the countries now using the 5 wpm standard for access to the HF bands are Denmark, Sweden, Britain, USA, South Africa and Gibraltar.

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station Another module of the International Space Station was successfully launched on July 12th. The station will be assembled over the next year and will eventually house the first permanent Amateur Radio station in space. The first crew, headed by US Astronaut Bill Shepherd KD5GSL is due to blast off in October. Accompanying Shepherd will be Russian cosmonauts Sergei Krikalev U5 MIR and Yuri Galdzenko. Using temporary antennas, it is anticipated that they will be on the air with FM voice and packet before the end of October. Permanent antennas for 2 meters and 70 cms will be installed during a space walk next year.

A Russian call-sign RZ3DZR has been issued for the International Space Station amateur radio station. A German callsign DL0ISS has also been issued and a US call-sign has been applied for. An international call-sign may eventually be assigned if a callsign block is established for international space stations.

Galway Radio Club

This coming week marks the annual DXexpedition organised by the Galway Radio Club to Inishboffin Island. We wish them good DX and a good time into the bargain.

IOTA Contest

The IOTA contest takes place next weekend. Starting at 1200 UTC on Saturday, July 29th, it concludes at 1200 UTC on Sunday, July 30th. We have reports of three EI stations that will go portable for the contest. The East Cork Group will travel to Bere Island in West Cork and operate using the call-sign EJ7M. Sean EI4GK, Declan EI9HQ, Joe EI7GY and Mick EI6GF plan to operate from Inishmore in the Aran Islands using the callsign EJ4GK. The Dalkey Island Group have changed their strategy this year. They will operate from Enniskerry in County Wicklow using the callsign EI1DD. Remember, even if you operate from home, you too can participate as an island station by using the Reference EU-115.

Outgoing QSL Cards

Now that Bill Mitchell EI5GQ no longer looks after the outgoing cards, its time to stop sending cards to his QTH. The new Manager for the outgoing bureau is Hugh O'Donnell EI2HI, whose address is Baurleigh, Bandon, Co.Cork. Hugh's name or address is not in the 1999 Yearbook, so you might consider writing it down and keeping it in a prominent place in your shack. Cards addressed to P.O.Box 462, Dublin 9 will of course reach Hugh in the normal way.

Calls to Watch For

Many countries have been marking the Millennium by issuing special Callsigns. Some to look for include 3A2K (Monaco), 3Z0MM (Poland), 8J2OOO (Japan), 9AY2K (Croatia), HB2 prefix (Switzerland), and VR2K (Hong Kong),

Cyprus will use the special prefix 5B40 until the end of November.

This years Olympics will be held in Sydney, Australia and some of the special VK callsigns should shortly be heard. AX2000 is already on the air and it will shortly be joined by AX2GAMES, VK2SOG and AX2SYD. From June 15th to November 2nd all VK amateurs have the choice of using the alternative prefix AX.


We are pleased to bring this piece of good news. Former IRTS Secretary Bill EI9FK recently took unto himself a wife! We wish Bill and Louisa many years of health and happiness. Dates for Your Diary The International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend will be held on 19th/20th August. Information on this year's event is available from Mike GM4SUC at Mike reports that more than 300 lighthouses will be activated during this year's event. Information on any EI participants would be appreciated.

The Marino Institute of Education in Dublin will host Celticon 2000 - a QRP Radio Convention on September 1st to 3rd next.

The Annual Cork Rally will be held in the Blarney Park Hotel on Sunday 17th September.

The Shannon River Run is scheduled for the weekend of September 22nd to 24th. Information is available from Paul EI2CA or Keith EI4FBB at the Shannon River Run website or by e-mailing

Items for inclusion in next week's Radio News should be forwarded to Sean Donelan EI4GK at QTHR. Sean may be contacted by phone at 01 2821420 or by e-mailing


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