Ian Morris Memorial Trophy

Shortwave listener with the highest number of DXCC entities heard in the previous calendar year

Trophy Photo

Year shown is the AGM at which the Trophy would be presented
Contest awards presented at an AGM are based on results published in the previous calendar year

Award History
2023No entry
2022No entry
2021No entry
2020No entry
2019No entry
2018Mandy LaceyEI1627
2017Mandy LaceyEI1627
2016No entry
2015No entry
2014No entry
2013No entry
2012Mandy LaceyEI1627
2011Brendan NutleyEI1429
2010Brendan NutleyEI1429
2009Brendan NutleyEI1429
2008No entry
2007No entry
2006No entry
2005No entry
2004No entry
2003Jenny FaganEI1463
2002Thos Caffrey EI1333 (now EI2JD)
2001Thos Caffrey EI1333 (now EI2JD)
2000No entry
1999No entry
1998No entry
1997No entry
1996Frances DineenEI1260
1995No entry
1994No entry
1993No entry
1992No entry
1991No entry
1990David BurtEI982
1989David BurtEI982