Leading island (EJ) DX-pedition station in the annual IOTA contest

Trophy Photo

Year shown is the AGM at which the Trophy would be presented
Contest awards presented at an AGM are based on results published in the previous calendar year

Award History
2023Shannon Basin Radio ClubEJ3Z
2022Gerard ScannellEJ1E
2021DXpedition stations not permitted in 2020
2020Stockport Radio SocietyEJ6KP
2019Stockport Radio SocietyEJ6KP
2018Stockport Radio SocietyEJ8KO
2017Stockport Radio SocietyEJ0SR
2016Papa Lima DX GroupEJ1Y
2015Papa Lima DX GroupEJ1Y
2014Papa Lima DX GroupEJ1Y
2013Papa Lima DX GroupEJ0PL
2012Shannon Basin Radio ClubEJ3Z
2011Shannon Basin Radio Club and Galway Radio Experimenters ClubEJ3Z
2010South Dublin Radio ClubEJ0GI
2009South Dublin Radio ClubEJ0GI
2008South Dublin Radio ClubEJ0GI
2007Bere Island GroupEJ2MT
2006Bere Island GroupEJ2MT
2005Bere Island GroupEJ2MT
2004East Cork GroupEJ7M
2003Sean DonelanEJ4F
2002Sean DonelanEJ4GK
2001East Cork GroupEJ7M