Hal Hodgens Trophy

(Originally awarded to the leading EI station in the single operator QRP section of the ARRL DX CW contest)

Now awarded to the highest scoring EI station in the 12 hour CW section of the IOTA contest

Trophy Photo

Year shown is the AGM at which the Trophy would be presented
Contest awards presented at an AGM are based on results published in the previous calendar year

Award History
2023Axel-Joachim KaltenbornEI8JX
2022Mark CondonEI6JK
2021Axel-Joachim KaltenbornEI8JX
2020Joe RyanEI7GY
2019Gerard ScannellEI5KF
2018Edwin TaylorEI/G3SQX
2017Joe RyanEI7GY
2016Gerard ScannellEI5KF
2015Barry MerrillEI/W5GN
2014Joe RyanEI7GY
2013Barry MerrillEI/W5GN
2012Oleg SolovyovEI7KD
2011Barry MerrillEI/W5GN
2010Niall FoleyEI4CF
2009Peter MorrisonEI9ES
2008Peter MorrisonEI9ES
2007Barry MerrillEI/W5GN
2006Peter MorrisonEI9ES
2005Niall FoleyEI4CF
2004Jeremy SheehanEI5GM
2003Ken McDermottEI4DW
2002Ken McDermottEI4DW
2001Martin GillespieEI8GP
2000No entry
1999Martin GillespieEI8GP
1998Ken McDermottEI4DW
1997Michael McLoughlinEI6GF
1996Michael McLoughlinEI6GF
1995No entry
1994No entry
1993Jim RyanEI3DP
1992No entry
1991Jim RyanEI3DP
1990Paul O'KaneEI5DI
1989Tom CockingEI4DQ