Digital Voice Personal Hotspot Frequency Allocation

The frequencies used by some operators for these devices has become an issue and it has become necessary to allocate specific frequencies for their use.  434.000 MHz & 438.800 MHz are the two frequencies recommended, so we would request anyone using a personal hotspot device to consider reprogramming their unit to one of these frequencies.

Internet Gateways

NodeFrequency MHzCall SignAccessSystemLocationSysopLink
2900729.860 / 29.760
Linked Repeater
EI0IPG67Hz CTCSS ToneEchoLinkCarndonagh, Co.
32208750.520MB7ICA77Hz CTCSS ToneEchoLinkDromara, Co. DownMI0PTKNot Operational
48325170.350MI0RTX110.9Hz CTCSS ToneEchoLinkDromara, Co. DownMI0RTXNot Operational
5700670.350EI4FMG-L88.5Hz CTCSS ToneEchoLinkFieldstown, Co.
542270.425EI4GCG77Hz CTCSS ToneEcholink/IRLPGalway CityEI5DDGalway VHF Group
144.8125EI2SHDWires-XSalthill, Galway
EI5DDGalway VHF Group
144.850EI2GCDDMR CC1MMDVMGalway City
EI5DDGalway VHF Group
N/K144.9625MB7ICM-L110.9Hz CTCSS ToneEchoLinkEnniskillen, Co. Fermanagh2I0NIE
57007145.2125EI2MOG88.5Hz CTCSS ToneEchoLinkMount Oriel, Co. LouthEI2JDDundalk ARS
5747145.2875EI2AIRCarrierEchoLinkDunshaughlin, Co. MeathEI5HW
145.2875MB7IAF-L88.5Hz CTCSS ToneEchoLinkMoira, LisburnGI7PWQ
389438145.2875MB7ILD-L110.9Hz CTCSS ToneEchoLinkLondonderryGI4YWT
1717145.3375MB7INI-L77Hz CTCSS ToneEchoLinkCarrickfergus, Co. AntrimGI0BJH
422728145.3375MB7ICU-L110.9Hz CTCSS ToneEchoLinkOmagh, Co. TyroneMI1CCU
7125145.7125 / 145.1125
Linked Repeater
EI2IPG67Hz CTCSS or ToneburstEchoLinkCarndonagh, Co.
553412430.050EI7CRG-L77Hz CTCSS ToneEchoLinkCastlebar, Co. MayoEI6IZ
430.050MB7AND-L77Hz CTCSS ToneEcholinkMagherafelt, LondonderryMI0JPD
395897430.075EI7WHG67Hz CTCSS ToneEcholinkWatergrasshill, CorkEI4KH
5767430.050EI7CRG77Hz CTCSS ToneIRLPCastlebar, Co. MayoEI6IZ
5883430.950 +7.6 ‡EI7MLRCarrierIRLPWaterfordEI8JA

Updated 01 November 2018

‡ This node can be accessed using any repeater on the Southern Ireland Repeater Network

See Ireland’s VOIP information website