CQIR - Ireland Calling Contest Rules

CQIR - Ireland Calling Contest Rules

Revision 8 January 2012

In 2012 the Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS) celebrates
the 80th anniversary of its founding in 1932.  As part of the
jubilee celebrations the Society is organising an International
Radio Contest, "CQIR - Ireland Calling".

For further information contact the Contest Manager at contestmanager@irts.ie

1 Object: 

1.1 CQIR celebrates the IRTS 80th Anniversary and the "Irish" amateur-
    radio community worldwide.  It's where the Irish, at home
    and abroad, work the World and have fun on the air.

1.2 This is an "everyone works everyone" event on the five
    contest bands from 10 to 80 metres. 

2 Date and Contest Period: 

2.1 From 12:00 UTC Saturday 17th March 2012 to 11:59 UTC
    Sunday 18th March 2012.  Note: The contest finishes
    (is over) at 12:00:00 noon the Sunday. This overlaps with the 
    Russian DX Contest. Log the Russian District.

3 Entry Categories: 

3.1 CQIR is a single-operator event, with two categories.

    1. Single Op Manual
    2. Single Op Assisted,
       Where entrants use any other comunications
       mode or communications technology to find or
       faciliate QSOs.

    Within each Category the following Sections apply.

      Single-Op All-Band CW
      Single-Op All-Band SSB
      Single-Op All-Band Mixed (CW/SSB) 

      Single-Op All-Band CW
      Single-Op All-Band SSB
      Single-Op All-Band Mixed (CW/SSB) 

    Giving a total of 12 Sections.

3.2 Entrants are "Irish" if:
    - they operate from Ireland, or
    - they were born in Ireland, or 
    - of Irish decent, or
    - they want to be "Irish" for the day by sending an Irish County Code

3.3 All other entrants are "World" entrants. 

4 Contest Exchange: 

4.1 "Irish" entrants send a serial and their county code - the same code
     for every QSO. 
     County codes are listed in Section 10. 
4.2 World entrants send a serial only.

5 Scoring: 

5.1 CW QSOs  - 3 points.
    SSB QSOs - 2 points.  

5.2 The same station may be worked once per band/mode

5.3 Multipliers are each different Irish county code, on each
    band and and on each mode.  The maximum is 32 per band
    for single-mode entrants, and 64 per band for mixed-mode

5.4 Penalties: 

5.4.1 Points may be lost for logging errors.

5.4.2 There is no penalty for dupes - they should not be
      removed from your log. 

6 Awards: 

6.1  There will be an Award for the winner of each section.

7 Conditions of Entry: 

7.1 Cross-band and/or cross-mode QSOs are not permitted. QSOs
    must take place in the recommended IARU band segments for
    contest operation. 

7.2 Only one transmitted signal is permitted at any time. 

7.3 The operator and the station (all equipment and antennas)
    must be located within a circle of 500 metres diameter.  

7.4 All entries become the property of IRTS.
7.5  Entrants agree to be bound by the provisions and intent
     of these rules.  In any dispute, the decision(s) of IRTS
     alone shall be final. 

8 Submission: 

8.1 Logs should be emailed, as attached uncompressed files, to
    cqirlogs@irts.ie by 15th April 2012, named
    YOURCALL.LOG where YOURCALL is the entrant's call used
    during the contest. 

8.2 All QSO records in your logs must conform to the Cabrillo
    specifications in Section 9 of these Rules - based on
    the specifications for the RSGB IOTA Contest at

    Use any logging software you like but if your logging software 
    does not support this format, you must reformat your log accordingly.
    otherwise it will be treated as a checklog.

8.3 Paper logs will not be accepted. 

9  Cabrillo Specifications: 
   Note: - Although there is no requirement in CQIR to exchange
   signal reports on-air, they should be included in your Cabrillo log. 

9.1 "Irish" Entrants - send Serial & County: 
QSO: 21222 PH 2007-09-29 1302 GI4FUE        59   001 ANT    EI2JD         59   
031 LOU
QSO: 21022 CW 2007-09-29 1759 GI4FUE        599  204 ANT    HA1AG         599  
302 ---
QSO:  7012 CW 2007-09-30 0911 GI4FUE        599 1316 ANT    W3LPL         599 
1922 COR

9.2  World Entrant - send Serial:     

QSO: 21222 PH 2007-09-29 1759 HA1AG         59   302 ---    EI6JK         59   
001 ROS
QSO: 21022 CW 2007-09-30 0359 HA1AG         599  848 ---    W3LPL         599 
1922 COR
QSO:  7012 CW 2007-09-30 0806 HA1AG         599 1026 ---    UA0QL         599  
117 ---

10 Ireland - County Codes: 

ANT Antrim          ARM Armagh          CAR Carlow             CAV Cavan
CLA Clare           COR Cork            DER Derry/Londonderry  DON Donegal
DOW Down            DUB Dublin          FER Fermanagh          GAL Galway
KER Kerry           KLD Kildare         KLK Kilkenny           LAO Laois
LEI Leitrim         LIM Limerick        LON Longford           LOU Louth
MAY Mayo            MEA Meath           MON Monaghan           OFF Offaly
ROS Roscommon       SLI Sligo           TIP Tipperary          TYR Tyrone
WAT Waterford       WES Westmeath       WEX Wexford            WIC Wicklow

For inquiries contact the contest Manager at contestmanager@irts.ie